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Why is Childhood Depression at an All-Time High?

Your child might be suffering from depression without you even knowing it. Childhood depression does not ease without treatment, and it isn’t a phase—it is a real, clinical disorder that afflicts over one in ten adolescents. Not even acknowledged as a real condition until the past 30 years, pediatric depression cuts across ethnic groups and […]

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The Biggest Mistake Women Make with Men

America’s No. 1 Love and Marriage Experts Reveal More than America’s No. 1 Love and Marriage Experts, Drs. Elizabeth and Charles Schmitz have been researching what makes marriages successful for over 30 years. During that time they have also discovered where women often go wrong in choosing a husband – by selecting a man they […]

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Just 2 Choices That Will Lead to the Happiest Valentine’s Day Ever

Are you waiting for somebody else to: Make Valentine’s Day happy, romantic, special and memorable? Help you avoid heartache and loneliness? Play cupid and teach you how to find lasting love? Surprisingly, you have way more choice in this matter than you might think, says sought-after speaker, author and motivational choice expert Rico Racosky. Invite […]

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Are Parents Truly Happier Than Childless Couples?

What are the effects of children on parents? How will raising, nurturing and launching kids put decades of pressure on family and spousal relationships? What about the economic challenges, societal expectations, everyday struggles AND overwhelming joys? Can you be happier childless? How is parenting far different in the 21st century, than in generations past? Explore […]

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Talk to the Psychologist Who Taught a Turtle to Do Dog Tricks to Help KidsSeen On Today, Inside Edition, Ellen

Seen On Today, Inside Edition, Ellen Ever hear of a therapy turtle? Psychologist and author Mitch Spero has one named Florida that he trained to roll over, chase his tail, heel, and even give a high five on command – all in the name of showing youngsters they can come out of their shells too, […]

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