Problem Solving Won’t Solve Your Problems

Stop Before It’s Too Late!

Solving a problem is usually the first step in any corporate effort to improve an organization’s inner workings, but there’s a significant drawback to that approach, says management expert Doug Krug, it’s dead wrong! Companies bring in problem solvers to train their workforce, but the “expert” is only teaching what he or she has found to work; there’s no guarantee it will work for anyone else. And professional problem solvers have a fatal flaw: They need a problem to fix or they’re out of a job.

Instead of diagnosing what’s not working, Doug says companies need to look at how to get better. It may sound like the same thing, but it’s not. In his book, THE MISSING PIECE IN LEADERSHIP: How to Create the Future You Want, Doug explains why telling your employees how to work better never works, but giving them the tools to do it does.

Have Doug on your show to talk about:

  • How to tap into the true experts who are already on your payroll.
  • How he helped the 1995 Pittsburgh Steelers and 2007 Colorado Rockies turn their seasons around.
  • Why leaders who think they have it all figured out get the booby prize.

CREDENTIALS: Doug Krug is a management consultant, entrepreneur, educator, and author. He has taught classes in the MBA Program at Johns Hopkins University’s Division of Public Safety Leadership for the past 15 years, and has contributed to Executive Development Programs for several federal agencies, including the IRS, FBI, DEA, CDC, Secret Service, Office of Veterans Affairs, Office of Personnel Management, Department of Interior, Department of Labor, and NASA.

AVAILABILITY: Colorado, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Doug Krug, (303) 807-1903 (CO);;;

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