5 NLP Techniques Parents SHOULD Use on Teens

Dealing with moody, back-talking and distant teenagers can be exasperating for parents who often wonder what happened to the sweet little boy or girl they used to have. What can parents do to improve their relationships with teens? Find out when you interview Gaye O’Brien, whose experience as a longtime teacher and neuro linguistic programming […]

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Problem Solving Won’t Solve Your Problems

Stop Before It’s Too Late! Solving a problem is usually the first step in any corporate effort to improve an organization’s inner workings, but there’s a significant drawback to that approach, says management expert Doug Krug, it’s dead wrong! Companies bring in problem solvers to train their workforce, but the “expert” is only teaching what […]

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Branson … Buffett … Bloomberg: Why They’re Successful While Other People Just as Smart, Aren’t

They’re synonymous with power and achievement. But high-profile leaders in the corporate world, finance and politics — like Buffett, Branson, Bloomberg and others we hear about every day — are not necessarily the smartest at what they do. So what makes them different? What vaults them to such amazing stratospheres of success? Find out when […]

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