Faith in the Wake of Irma and Harvey

Many doctors, psychologists, and political leaders now
realize the powerful impact faith and religious beliefs
play in our ability to bounce back after Harvey, Irma
and other disasters. People who have something to
believe in beyond what they can see with their eyes
handle the “storms” of life better when their normal
life is shaken by devastating events, says Pastor
Terrance Levise Turner.  Pastor Terrance will share the
keys to keeping hope and faith intact and your spirit
afloat when everything else is sinking. His advice also
applies to setbacks in marriage, careers and finances.
He is the author of several books including his latest,
“Your Wealth Is In Your Anointing: Discover Keys To
Releasing Your Potential.” In addition, he is a singer
and songwriter who with his wife created a 21-song
project called “God Is Our Refuge.” Contact him at
(615) 598-4080;

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