Even a Dog Can Make Money Online

Lee Romanov loves her English bull terrier Shiner,
probably just as much as you love your dog. But unlike
your pooch, Shiner has his own money-making website,
WhoLetTheDogIn.com, which Lee created for him. Shiner,
who clearly has a nose for business, can’t write, of
course, but he can charm other people into sending him
their pet stories and pictures to build free web
content while he cleverly gets humans to click on ads,
and he recommends dog walkers, pet sitters, vets and
other pet-related providers who pay him for the leads.
Lee uses Shiner’s exploits to prove that anybody can
make money online, even a dog, and even you. Invite Lee
on-air to share how simple it would be for your
audience members to put their dog—or cat—in business
without having a lot to bone up on. She should know
because she has made a fortune through her own online
ventures. Reach her at (949) 877-0173;

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