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What Madonna and Britney Spears Can Teach Us About Success

It’s Obviously Not About Talent… Did you ever wonder how singers like Madonna and Britney—with, arguably, only moderate talent—manage to become so successful, spanning decades with millions in record sales? Some “one-hit wonders” have great talent, yet we never hear from them again. How does someone rock to the top? Interview Dayna Steele, who spent […]

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Why Only 5% of the Population Finds Success

Some Wish, Some DO, Some Flounder Most people dream of success, yet only 5 percent of the population attains phenomenal success while many others lead lives of quiet desperation. Is it luck? Genes? Age? Environment? Nope, says Rick Ruiz, it’s a matter of choice and perseverance, coupled with dogged determination in the face of obstacles, […]

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Expert Reveals How to Use Google to Grow Your Business without Being a Geek

Do your listeners know what SEO is? And if they do, do the words search engine optimization intimidate them? Do they know what traffic is and why it is so important? Whatever their degree of online sophistication, Tim Levy has something to teach your audience members – particularly CEOs, business people and entrepreneurs – with […]

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Expert Reveals How to Work Less, Make More, and Have Fun While Growing Your Business!

George Horrigan has shown over 1,200 businesses how go to the next level in revenue, profits, and personal freedom. What better time could there be than the New Year to invite him to do the same for your audience? Many experts will simply tell your audience their businesses can be great, but Horrigan will show […]

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