Branson … Buffett … Bloomberg: Why They’re Successful While Other People Just as Smart, Aren’t

They’re synonymous with power and achievement. But high-profile leaders in the corporate world, finance and politics — like Buffett, Branson, Bloomberg and others we hear about every day — are not necessarily the smartest at what they do. So what makes them different? What vaults them to such amazing stratospheres of success?

Find out when you interview acclaimed professional development expert and workshop leader Steve A Klein. He’ll help motivate eager audiences (and your ratings!) toward Performance Excellence when he discusses on-air:

  • 7 attitudes of the rich and famous, and why ultimately unsuccessful people overlook them.
  • His advice about repetition and visualizing ongoing triumphs, so your mind starts “owning” your goals.
  • Surprising reasons why so many businesses needlessly fail, even in a growing economy.
  • Secrets to speed successing. Who says the path to success has to be a long, drawn-out affair?
  • How you can learn to earn four times the money in one-fourth the time, no matter what business you’re in.
  • And more.

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CREDENTIALS: Influential Speaker, People Development Facilitator, sought-after presenter and radio host Steve A Klein works with clients nationwide, directing them toward Performance Excellence levels and leadership strategies, both personally and professionally. Steve’s best-selling book is SELL WHEN YOU SEE THE WHITES OF THEIR EYES! He hosts PlayMakers Talk Show and has interviewed hundreds of CEOs. He is a sought-after interview guest and media resource.

AVAILABILITY: Texas, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone or Skype
CONTACT: Steve A Klein, (972) 644-1048 (TX);;

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