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12/21/17 RTIR Newsletter: Healthier 2018, Rankin Bass Puppets, Being Happy in 2018

December 21, 2017 01. Tax Overhaul: Senators’ Special Tax Breaks 02. New Tax Plan Won’t Create Jobs of the Future 03. US-Supplied Weapons & Pakistan Massacre 04. Next for Harassment Cases: Local TV News? 05. He Met Celine, Mariah, Tom Hanks, Bon Jovi and More 06. $10M for Rankin Bass TV Puppets 07. It’s Not […]

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12/19/17 RTIR E-zine: Environmental Review, Beatles Guru, A Better You

December 19, 2017 01. FCC Agenda: Corporate Power over Democracy 02. Tax Plan Erases the American Dream 03. Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Jake Bernstein 04. Feeling Frazzled? Find the Holiday Magic Again 05. Salute! Best Holiday Wine Picks 06. Have Peace this Holiday (No Matter What Happens) 07. Music to Help Bust the Holiday Blues 08. […]

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12/14/17 RTIR Newsletter: Net Neutrality, Christmas Carol Quiz, Sex Addiction

December 14, 2017 01. GOP Trying to Erase 100 Years of History 02. GOP Tax Bill: What’s Really in There? 03. Foreign Policy Expert on Russia and More 04. Net Neutrality Vote Today 05. Fox News’ Unbalanced and Unfair Treatment of Women 06. Coping with Wildfires’ Lingering Effects 07. Can You Pass a Xmas Carol […]

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12/12/17 RTIR Newsletter: Franken, Haunted Holidays, Proof of Bigfoot

December 12, 2017 01. Franken and the Democrats’ Debacle 02. Trump, Jerusalem and Travel Spike? 03. Affordable Care Sign-Up Ends Friday 04. Bah Humbug! Holiday Identity Theft 05. Happy Haunted Holidays! 06. Are You a Bad Gift Recipient? 07. Real Life Inclusion: Autism-Friendly Holidays 08. Lighter Latkes? Healthier Hanukkah Recipes 09. Christians’ Domestic Violence Problem […]

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12/7/17 RTIR E-zine: Christmas Angels, Minority Women, Franken’s Resignation

December 7, 2017 01. Did Trump Derail Mid East Peace? 02. Tick Tock – Affordable Care Sign-Up Ending! 03. Net Neutrality Protests Verizon Today 04. Classic Christmas Specials Live On 05. Nat Geo Series: Dian Fossey 06. Insider: Celebrities, Maharishi and Meditation 07. Senators Call for Al Franken to Resign 08. Give Listeners an ‘America […]

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12/05/17 RTIR Newsletter: GOP Tax Bills,Healthier Hanukkah, Stopping Rape Mentality

December 5, 2017 GOP Tax Bills: What’s Really in There? 02. Newsweek: Kushner Funded Illegal Jewish Settlements 03. Are You Prepared for a North Korea Attack? 04. Stars of ‘Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars’ 05. Top Holiday Shopping Mistakes 06. How to Avoid a Holiday Spending Hangover 07. Is There Proof of Bigfoot? 08. Healthier […]

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