12/12/17 RTIR Newsletter: Franken, Haunted Holidays, Proof of Bigfoot

December 12, 2017

01. Franken and the Democrats’ Debacle
02. Trump, Jerusalem and Travel Spike?
03. Affordable Care Sign-Up Ends Friday
04. Bah Humbug! Holiday Identity Theft
05. Happy Haunted Holidays!
06. Are You a Bad Gift Recipient?
07. Real Life Inclusion: Autism-Friendly Holidays
08. Lighter Latkes? Healthier Hanukkah Recipes
09. Christians’ Domestic Violence Problem
10. Is Ageism as Rampant as Sexual Harassment?
11. Before You Buy a 2017 Leftover Car
12. Pinterest Wedding on a Pauper’s Budget
13. The 7 Golden Rules of Health
14. Live Life Like You’re on Fire
15. Proof of Bigfoot?

1. ==> Franken and the Democrats’ Debacle

Robert Kuttner says the Democrats got it all wrong in
the case of Senator Al Franken. Franken resigned last
week after calls from his Democratic colleagues to step
down amid numerous reports of sexual misconduct.
Kuttner says Democrats hoped to shame Republicans into
standing up against Alabama senate hopeful Ray Moore.
“Franken’s Democratic scourges overlooked one reality:
The Republicans are shameless. Surely the goal here is
a mass revision of what is considered acceptable
behavior by men, especially men with power. But this
overdue goal does not operate in a political vacuum.
When Democrats turn on their own with no sense of
proportion, the winners are not feminist values. The
winners are Republicans who find the whole movement
amusing.” Robert Kuttner is co-editor of The American
Prospect and professor at Brandeis University’s Heller
School. His forthcoming book is “Can Democracy Survive
Global Capitalism?” Contact him at (781) 736-5311;
bkuttner@brandeis.edu or @rkuttner

2. ==> Trump, Jerusalem and Travel Spike?

Last week Donald Trump formally recognized Jerusalem as
the capital of Israel, breaking with decades of foreign
policy. And while many fear an outbreak of violence in
the region in response, tourism is booming. According
to the Israel Tourism Ministry, a record-breaking
400,000 people visited Israel this past October. “While
the mainstream media seems to focus on the possibility
of unrest and violence in the Middle East, these
concerns are clearly not holding people back from
traveling,” says Noam Matas, owner of America Israel
Tours. He says since Trump’s signal of a possible
announcement, incoming calls and reservations have
increased threefold and he doesn’t expect that to stop.
“We cannot ignore the current circumstances in the
region and hope that the peace talks will continue, but
the prospect of visiting a country so full of culture,
history and Biblical importance trumps all the danger
and hate most of the media covers throughout the year.”
America Israel Tours is a tour company specializing in
Christian tours to Israel. Contact Noam Matas at

3. ==> Affordable Care Sign-Up Ends Friday

Friday is the last day to sign up for medical coverage
under the Affordable Care Act, but you might not know
it. Health care advocates say the refusal of Trump
administration officials to promote the sign-up is
likely to have a major impact on the number of people
who will be covered. “The administration is not hiding
the fact that they don’t want people to sign up for
health coverage,” says Lori Lodes, a former top CMS
official and co-founder of the group, Get America
Covered. “With less than a week left before the
December 15 deadline, they still haven’t engaged in the
very basic public education that is needed to help
people sign up for coverage. The Open Enrollment period
is half as long and there are no TV ads and a fraction
of the digital outreach—but they also refuse to use the
basic tools of their positions and of the federal
government to get the facts out.” Lori Lodes oversaw
outreach & education for Medicare, Medicaid & ACA
marketplaces in the Obama administration. Contact her
at @loril. Interviews with experts in your market/area
are also available. Contact press@GetAmericaCovered.org

4. ==> Bah Humbug! Holiday Identity Theft

Whether you’re shopping online or at the mall, this is
the season of buying—and stealing. Identify theft
spikes during the holidays when thieves are waiting for
unsuspecting prey. Invite tax and financial expert Abby
Eisenkraft to share tips to avoid identity theft this
holiday season. Among them, she says, “Don’t look for
coupons on your phone while standing in line to pay. If
you’re using public Wi-Fi, you’re inviting thieves
right in!” Another tip: never apply for a credit card
in the store. She says, “Paperwork left out in the open
by careless employees or other shoppers looking over
your shoulder could mean your financial information
could be compromised.” Eisenkraft is the author of “101
Ways to Stay Off the IRS Radar.” Frequently quoted by
the press (Money, Newsday, The Street), she is one of
the leading experts on IRS problems and how to avoid
them. Contact her at (347) 598-0111;

5. ==> Happy Haunted Holidays!

The Winter Solstice and Christmas are fast approaching,
holiday songs are playing on the radio, and there’s a
chill in the air and a shiver running down your spine.
But is that chill from the winter air or a ghostly
spirit passing by? From Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas
Carol’ to modern day films like ‘The Nightmare Before
Christmas,’ there is a long history of telling ghost
stories during the holiday season. Psychic medium
Vincent Genna is available for a live psychic reading
and to discuss why dead relatives might very well make
an appearance at your holiday gathering, and why the
season is so filled with spirits. Genna is a triple
power psychic – a psychic with the knowledge and
experience of a licensed psychotherapist, and the
personality of a showman. He’s appeared on Coast to
Coast AM, Hay House Radio, and many other radio shows
around the country. Contact Emily Maloney at (661)
255-8283; emily@steveallenmedia.com

6. ==> Are You a Bad Gift Recipient?

During the holidays it’s all about giving, and most of
us are great at that, but what about receiving?
Relationship expert Laura Doyle says many people are
awful when it comes to receiving gifts. She’ll discuss
why some find it so hard to accept gifts, how to become
a better gift recipient, and how in allowing someone to
give you a gift, both of you benefit! Doyle has
appeared on the Today Show, Dateline NBC, Good Morning
America, The View and The Factor. She has an Amazon
Prime web series titled Empowered Wives and is the
author of “The Surrendered Wife”, “The Surrendered
Single” and “The Empowered Wife.” Contact Kathy Murray
at (949) 729-9843; kathy@lauradoyle.org

7. ==> Real Life Inclusion: Autism-Friendly Holidays

‘Tis the season for family gatherings and the whole
thing is a recipe for high-stress, but when you throw
Autism into the mix, things take on an added challenge.
Jeanne Beard can share simple adjustments and
understanding that can help you connect with kids or
adults on the autism spectrum. “From allowing the
individual more time to process, to dimming the lights
and noise, you can make your holiday gathering more
autism-friendly. That understanding alone, will be a
great gift of love and acceptance to the individual
with autism and their family. This type of genuine
understanding and care is the number one wish on the
list of the mom’s I speak with every day.” The mother
of 2 sons, one diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder
and one diagnosed with ADHD, Jeanne Beard is the
founder of the National Autism Academy. She’s the
author of “Autism & The Rest of Us: How to Sustain a
Healthy, Functional and Satisfying Life with a Person
on the Autism Spectrum.” Contact her at (630) 542-1191;

8. ==> Lighter Latkes? Healthier Hanukkah Recipes

Hanukkah has just begun but already you may have eaten
a few too many jelly donuts and latkes. And how many
more days are left? Invite Paula Shoyer to share easy
ways to lighten up traditional holiday food without
sacrificing taste. Paula, known as “the kosher baker,”
has a passion for pastries, and can explain how to
balance lighter main courses with delicious desserts,
share super easy 1-bowl cakes that will feed a crowd,
and tips for making traditional Jewish challah, babka
and rugelach. Paula Shoyer graduated with a pastry
degree from the Ritz Escoffier in Paris, and does
cooking and baking demos around the world. She is a
freelance writer, competed on Food Network’s Sweet
Genius, and has appeared on TV many times. She’s
written several books including her latest “The Healthy
Jewish Kitchen.” Contact her at (301) 404-8998

9. ==> Christians’ Domestic Violence Problem

Christians don’t beat their wives or verbally abuse
them, right? Unfortunately, domestic violence is a
problem in many Christian homes. In fact, as Darla
Colinet will tell you, it has reached epidemic
proportions; she is making it her mission to help
churches address the problem so that both victim and
abusers can be healed. Darla can reveal the four core
aspects that fuel abusive Christian marriages and share
her own horrifying story of living with an abusive
husband for 13 years. She’ll also discuss why abuse in
marriages tends to worsen during the holiday season and
offer help and support to powerless women who need it
most. Darla completed domestic violence training and
served as domestic abuse response team member for
Crossroads Safehouse, in Fort Collins, Colo. A member
of the core team of the Women’s Ministry at Timberline
Church in Colorado for six years, she has helped and
inspired hundreds of women through Bible studies,
workshops, retreats, and her blog. Contact her at (970)
631-2529; darla@godstransforminggrace.com

10. ==> Is Ageism as Rampant as Sexual Harassment?

Hundreds of thousands of talented professionals have
been ousted from the workforce because of their age,
tossed aside and replaced by millennials who are paid
less money. If they’re lucky enough to find new jobs,
they usually end up working for one-third of their old
salaries. Diane Huth, a 67-year-old marketing expert,
has studied this issue from all sides interviewing
millennials, traumatized baby boomers and CEOs and what
she learned is not only fascinating but can help
countless struggling workers caught in the crosshairs.
Let Diane share 12 ways older workers can adapt to fit
into today’s younger workplace as well as how they can
reinvent themselves by using their talents in new ways
instead of trying to compete with younger workers for
the same jobs they had held decades ago. What she has
to say is nothing short of a new way of looking at
work. Diane’s latest book “BRAND YOU! To Re-Invent Your
Career” will be released in January. Contact her at
(210) 601-7852; diane@BrandYouGuide.com

11. ==> Should You Buy a 2017 Leftover Car?

Thinking about buying a 2017 leftover? The end of
December—and even New Year’s Eve—are known as prime-
time to buy a new car, with dealerships offering high
incentives to move last year’s models. But how do you
make the most of this opportunity? Find out from
Patricia Davis, author of the new book “Going Broke Is
No Joke.” Davis can touch on ways to get pricing and
performance information, discuss under what
circumstances it is better to pay cash, finance or
lease a car and whether it is better to take a cash
rebate or lower interest rate. She holds an MBA from
Stanford, a master’s degree in personal financial
planning from Golden Gate University and a certificate
from Georgetown University’s Stonier Graduate School of
Banking and Finance. Reach her at (301) 249-2261 or

12. ==> Pinterest Wedding on a Pauper’s Budget

The average wedding costs more than $35,000, so doing
what you can to rein in wedding expenses is a priority
for budget-conscious couples and their families.
Luckily, internationally known wedding gown designer
Rani St. Pucchi is available to offer her best tips for
spending less without sacrificing anything. Rani, who
has worked with more than 15,000 brides since launching
her St. Pucchi Bridal House more than 30 years ago,
explains how to reap significant savings by skipping a
Saturday wedding, shortening the height of your wedding
cake, marrying in January or February, buying 14-karat
wedding rings and charging everything on a credit card
with a reward program. She’s the author of “Your Bridal
Style; Everything You Need to Know to Design the
Wedding of Your Dreams,” and has dressed countless
celebrities. Reach her at (310) 990-3912;

13. ==> The 7 Golden Rules of Health

Do you know the Seven Golden Rules of Health? They were
discovered by UCLA’s Dr. Lester Breslow in a 10-year
study, and if you follow the rules, you could live 30-
years longer than people who break all seven. Invite
Dr. Richard Ruhling to explain what the rules are and
why they work. He says, “What we’ve put in our mouths
since birth is the cause of most health issues but the
good news is that we can reverse most problems.” You’ll
learn about Dr. Breslow’s NEW START concept that
includes seven golden habits that incorporate
nutrition, exercise and water (NEW). It’s a show that’s
perfect for New Year’s health resolutions. Contact Dr.
Ruhling at (928) 583-7543; Ruhling7@juno.com

14. ==> Live Life Like You’re on Fire

Sue Pighini knows what it is like to have been struck
by lightning; when it happened to her at age 28, her
clothes melted. She also knows what it is like to move
32 times, survive cancer, a brain aneurysm and to be
held-up at gunpoint. All of those experiences, as one
might imagine, led her to live her life differently. In
her case, to live fearlessly, saying no to the status
quo and embracing change. “I believe everyone should
live their life as though they were on fire,” Pighini
says. “That means making your life count by embracing
new challenges and jettisoning the word ‘regret’ from
your vocabulary. When you do that, you will add new
people, new excitement and new skills to your world.”
After 25 years in corporate America, Sue is now an
author, motivational speaker, transformational life
coach, certified intuitive healer and horsewoman. She
operates the Livin’ the Dream Ranch, in Virginia, where
she uses horses to help transform people’s lives. Her
newly released audiobook is “Expect the Extraordinary:
Angelic Messages, Spiritual Encounters and the Soul of
Skye.” Contact her at (941) 685-7159;

15. ==> Proof of Bigfoot?

Everyone has heard of Bigfoot, the extremely tall, ape-
like creature that walks like a man and has been
sighted numerous times over hundreds of years. Native
Americans have more than 60 ways to refer to this
creature, including Sasquatch. But most people don’t
know that one U.S. city actually believes that Bigfoot
exists, as does the state in which the city is located!
Interview Andy Curry, who lives in that city (Colorado
City), where enough Bigfoot sightings have taken place
that Colorado lawmakers ordered a sign be placed on the
road leading to Pikes Peak warning people to beware of
the creatures. “People think the sign is a joke,” Curry
says, “but it’s not. Pressure from local citizens and
visitors who have seen Bigfoot led to the sign’s
erection.” Curry can share Bigfoot lore and sightings
and whether he (and park rangers) believe Bigfoot is
real or a case of mistaken identity. Curry is a native
Coloradan who operates the website Pikes Peak for Sale.
He’s also an expert on the national park and its
fascinatingly quirky history. Contact him at (719)
375-3950; pikespeakforsale@gmail.com

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