11/28/17 RTIR Newsletter: Net Neutrality, Holiday Wines, #NotMe Movement

November 28, 2017

01. Net Neutrality Protests & Holiday Shopping
02. Winners and Losers in Net Neutrality Repeal
03. Fed Insider on Yellen’s Exit
04. Stephen Baldwin on Russian TV Network
05. Perfect Holiday Wine Picks
06. Lighten Up Holiday Meals: Leave Room for Dessert
07. Is There a ‘War on Christmas’?
08. Have a Safe Ride this Holiday Season
09. You Really Are Hearing Christmas Angels
10. #NotMe Movement – Fighting Back
11. Winter Break – Talk College Safety
12. When the Holidays Hurt
13. Kids, ADD & Holidays
14. Bust Life’s 5 Biggest Bullshifts
15. What Star Trek Taught Us About Innovation

1. ==> Net Neutrality Protests & Holiday Shopping

More than 200 tech companies and trade associations
from across the country sent a letter to the US Federal
Communication Commission (FCC) yesterday, Cyber Monday,
arguing to keep Net Neutrality rules in place because
they’ve contributed to the growth of e-commerce. Other
pro-net neutrality groups are planning protests at
Verizon stores around the country on December 7th. The
US Federal Communication Commission (FCC) votes to roll
back net the rules on Dec. 14th. Net Neutrality was
designed to ensure Internet service providers treat all
web content equally by preventing providers from
throttling, blocking, and paid prioritization—”fast
lanes” for sites that pay, and slow lanes for everyone
else. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is a former Verizon lawyer
and Mary Alice Crim of the Free Press Action Fund says,
“His plan is expected to contain a ‘total repeal’ of
Net Neutrality protections, posing a grave threat to
the future of freedom of expression, access to
information, and small businesses particularly for
communities of color and low income communities.” Free
Press is a media democracy advocacy group. Contact Tim
Karr at tkarr@freepress.net; @freepress

2. ==> Winners and Losers in Net Neutrality Repeal

Invite Shelly Palmer to share his picks for winners and
losers with the Net Neutrality repeal, along with his
thoughts about how the misleadingly named “Restoring
Internet Freedom” act is going to change your
listeners’ lives. He says, “Big Internet service
providers and wireless carriers such as Comcast,
Verizon, AT&T, etc., come out on top. The bigger you
are, the happier this makes you.” So who are the
biggest losers? Palmer says, “Netflix and every other
content provider. The goal of net neutrality was to
ensure that Comcast did not favor delivery of its own
content over competitive content such as Netflix. Or
Amazon. Or Hulu. Content providers who do not own their
own distribution are now at serious risk.” Shelly
Palmer is well-known as Fox 5 New York’s on-air tech
expert and for his work on the TV show, Shelly Palmer
Digital Living. He is also a regular technology
commentator for CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, and Fox Business
News. Contact him at (917) 886-1173; shelly@palmer.net
or Dana Eisenberg at (212) 532-3880;

3. ==> Fed Insider on Yellen’s Exit

Jerome Powell’s confirmation to be chairman of the
Federal Reserve is considered all but certain. But will
he simply be Janet Yellen by another? The Republican’s
prepared testimony reflects his longstanding view that
rates should rise only gradually, an approach in lock
step with that of Yellen, who’s term is done in
February. Invite Fed expert Danielle DiMartino Booth to
discuss the impact of the change, and Yellen’s own
final Congressional testimony. DiMartino Booth is a
full-time columnist for Bloomberg View, a business
speaker, and a commentator frequently featured on CNBC,
Bloomberg, Bloomberg Radio, Fox News, Fox Business News
and other major media outlets. She spent nine years at
the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and is the author of
“FED UP: An Insider’s Take on Why the Federal Reserve
is Bad for America.” Contact Johanna Ramos-Boyer at
(703) 646-5137; or Megan Bonomo at (703) 646-5188.

4. ==> Stephen Baldwin on Russian TV Network

Actor/producer Stephen Baldwin is hitting the road in
an RV in a new series called Great American
Pilgrimage…The GAP. “After the election, it became
very clear to me, as it did to many people, that we are
more divided as a nation than ever before, and I want
to have a better understanding of how that happened;
what led us to be where we are today?” says Baldwin.
“The only way I knew we could find the answers was by
going directly to the people and asking them.” Viewers
follow Baldwin and his friend, Max Keiser, on a journey
across the country to learn and examine what people
believe, perceive and how they define living in America
in the wake of its most controversial presidential
election. Invite Baldwin, who was one of the first
people in Hollywood to endorse Donald Trump for
president, to talk about the show. Great American
Pilgrimage…The GAP airs on the RT Network, an
English-language Russian international television
network funded by the Russian government. The network
is available in over 100 different countries, with an
audience of up to 700 million, including 85 million in
the United States. Larry King, a former CNN host, and
Ed Schultz, a former MSBNC host, both have programs on
the network. Contact Kristin Nill at (972) 267-1111;

5. ==>Perfect Holiday Wine Picks

Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or you’re
bringing wine to the event, how do you know what to buy
and how to serve it? Wine lovers will love to hear
Susie Selby’s advice, but if you only know wine by red,
white and pink, you’re also in luck. A winemaker for
more than twenty years, Selby is an expert on food and
wine pairings. She’ll help listeners choose the best
wine for an open house or family gathering and discern
between “in-law” wine vs. “best friend” wine. You’ll
learn how to find the best wine values, impress any
wine snob, and please yourself during this fabulous
food-based holiday season. Susie Selby is the
proprietor of Selby Winery. Contact her at (707)
975-0988 (CA); selby@selbywinery.com

6. ==> Lighten Up Holiday Meals: Leave Room for Dessert

Passover, Christmas, New Year’s. No matter what holiday
you are celebrating, there is just too much food around
and too many tempting treats. Paula Shoyer has
strategies for taking recipes your family loves and
making them healthier. Paula, a healthy chef with a
passion for pastries, will explain how to balance
lighter main courses with delicious desserts that are
made with whole grains. Paula Shoyer, known as “the
kosher baker,” graduated with a pastry degree from the
Ritz Escoffier in Paris, and does cooking and baking
demos around the world. She is a freelance writer,
competed on Food Network’s Sweet Genius, and has
appeared on TV many times. She’s written several books
including her latest “The Healthy Jewish Kitchen.”
Contact her at (301) 404-8998

7. ==> Is There a ‘War on Christmas’?

According to singer-actress Renae Baker, who has been
making the Christmas spirit a career for the past 20
years, it’s time to call a truce on the “War on
Christmas” because bullying people into saying “Merry
Christmas” is damaging the holiday spirit. Instead, she
wants us to remember that Christmas can stop wars,
which happened briefly in the Civil War and Franco-
Prussian War. She’ll explain why Christmas does not
need saving but can, instead, save us. In this feel-
good show, Renae will talk about ways the Christmas
spirit can ignite joy and goodwill and bring our
divided country closer together. Renae can also share
the history of Christmas carols, Charles Dickens’
contribution to Christmas and her thoughts on the new
movie “The Man Who Invented Christmas,” and why she
believes more people are in danger of losing their
Christmas spirit this year. Renae, who can sing on your
show, runs the caroling company I S.M.I.L.E in New York
Productions, whose Broadway trained singers include
Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and atheists. Contact her
at (917) 509-9022; ismileny@gmail.com

8. ==> Have a Safe Ride this Holiday Season

The holiday travel season is creeping up on us and
millions will leave home over the next several weeks to
spend time with family and friends. These days,
travelling often involves taking a Lyft or Uber, but
many people don’t have a clue how to use these services
and it may actually put them in danger. Invite
Uber/Lyft expert Mukon Ngoyi to share tips on how to
navigate city streets safely. You’ll learn why you
should always look in the vehicle before getting
inside, what you should never do while in a Lyft, and
common etiquette including whether it’s ok to eat and
drink during your ride. Listeners can even call in with
their own questions about Uber and Lyft. A highly
commended former Uber and Lyft driver, Mukon Ngoyi is
the author of the upcoming book “Hustlin’ Hummingbird.”
Contact her at (385) 201-8447; mn.honors@gmail.com

9. ==> You Really Are Hearing Christmas Angels

Christmas is the uplifting season of angels. Everywhere
you look there’s an angel, twinkling lights, and bells.
It’s just the magic of the holiday, right? Sue Pighini
says, “Angels are all around us every day (right over
our right shoulder) but they can especially be felt at
Christmastime.” The former corporate executive says, “I
have had several angelic encounters that saved my
life.” She’ll cover such things as trusting your
intuition and conquering the fear of the unknown.
She’ll also share her own story of a life transformed
after she was struck by lightning. Now a transformation
life coach, clinical hypnotherapist and intuitive
healer, Sue will explain what an angel is, how everyone
has their own angels, and how to communicate with them
for guidance. Sue is the author of “Expect the
Extraordinary: Angelic Messages, Spiritual Encounters
and the Soul of Skye,” about her life-long
transformation to help others reinvent their lives.
Contact her at (941) 685-7159; sue@SuePighini.com

10. ==> #NotMe Movement – Fighting Back

There’s a reason #metoo took off. But Susan Harrow, a
media coach and martial arts expert, says it’s now time
for a #notme movement. Invite Harrow to discuss a
simple two-step system (that takes just 60 seconds)
that a woman can use in any situation to prevent sexual
harassment or assault. She’ll share ways to head off
harassment before it happens, deal with it on the spot,
and how to be heard by HR. Harrow created ‘True Shield:
Verbal Self-Defense for Girls,’ a course that teaches
young women how to protect themselves in difficult and
dangerous situations. Her newest offering is a woman’s
empowerment course to help prevent sexual harassment in
the workplace, in social situations and at school.
Contact Susan Harrow at harrowcom@prsecrets.com Skype:

11. ==> Winter Break – Talk College Safety

Colleges will be sending home students in the coming
weeks, so while you’ve got your student’s ear, talk
about staying safe on campus and online. Students today
are faced with threats to their personal safety that
generations before did not have. Threats in the
physical world can come from alcohol, bullies, drugs,
assaults, terrorists and active shooters. Threats in
the digital world can come from identity thieves,
cyberbullies, social media, and cyber-terrorism. Pete
Canavan, a campus safety authority, self-defense
instructor, and IT security consultant, is uniquely
positioned to educate your audience on both online and
offline threats to students’ personal safety. Canavan
is also a former radio host and the author of “The
Ultimate Guide to College Safety: How To Protect
Yourself From Online and Offline Threats To Your
Personal Safety At College & Around Campus.” Contact
him at (570) 760-0077; Pete@PeteCanavan.com

12. ==> When the Holidays Hurt

The holidays can be tough to manage for people who’ve
experienced trauma or loss. The whole season is devoted
to being thankful and experiencing joy, yet if you’re
suffering, seeing other people surrounded by love can
increase your feelings of isolation. Joyce Short says
you can gain optimism by bolstering both your mind and
your body. “Volunteering at a soup kitchen or other
helpful charity can bring you a new dimension of self-
worth, and pumping your endorphins by exercise can help
you stop dwelling on your sorrow. Any exercise will do,
even simply turning on music, and dancing around your
living room. In spite of your emotional pain, you can
dance your way into a joyful frame of mind and
appreciate that you, not loss, controls your world.”
Joyce Short is the author of “Combating Romance Scams,
Why Lying to Get Laid Is a Crime.!” She survived three
separate incidents of sexual assault. She advocates for
victims, coaching them to overcome their trauma, seek
justice, and regain their dignity. Contact her at (917)
517-8572; short.jm@aol.com

13. ==> Kids, ADD & Holidays

Let’s face it, sitting around a holiday table with all
the relatives can be a bit much for many of us, but
when you’ve got a kid with ADD who’s fidgety and can’t
sit at the table for an extended meal you need to have
some tricks up your sleeve. Jeanne Beard says some
preparation can help kids on the autism spectrum as
well as fidgety kids and adults. From practicing proper
table manners and appropriate behavior at home to
finding creative ways to get up from the table like
clearing dirty dishes, her practical advice can help
make already stressful holiday situations a bit easier
for everyone. The mother of 2 sons, one diagnosed with
Autism Spectrum Disorder and one diagnosed with ADHD,
Jeanne Beard is the founder of the National Autism
Academy which helps families with autism by coaching
parents on success strategies that work. She is the
author of “Autism & The Rest of Us: How to Sustain a
Healthy, Functional and Satisfying Life with a Person
on the Autism Spectrum.” Contact her at (630) 542-1191
(cell); jeanne@nationalautismacademy.com

14. ==> Bust Life’s 5 Biggest Bullshifts

We are all raised to believe they are true. What’s
worse, they end up shaping our lives, all too often for
the worse. But what if these long-lived beliefs are
nothing but lies? Get ready for a fun and thought-
provoking show that will turn your audience on their
heads and teach them how to create lives bigger and
better than they ever imagined by replacing old beliefs
with new ones. Megan Smith Gill will explain what she
calls “life’s biggest bullshifts” and how to bust them
once and for all (Psst! It’s the secret to living your
best life!) Megan Smith Gill is the author of “Give A
Shift: 10 Simple Steps to an Abundant Life.” Contact
her at (203) 822-4949; bookmegan@megansmithgill.com

15. ==> What Star Trek Taught Us About Innovation

Flip open wireless communicators. Weapons that stunned
and didn’t kill. Lasers used in surgery. Wireless and
wrist computers. Unmanned vehicles. And what about
computers we could talk to…and that talked back?!
Well, hello Siri! When Star Trek debuted in 1966
viewers were either amused by or enthralled with the
wild concepts and innovative technology that creator
Gene Roddenberry envisioned for our future. Innovation
and innovative thinkers are what’s driven the world
towards everything from unmanned drones, space travel
and driverless cars to medical technology that’s saved
millions of lives. Dr. Brett Trusko, president of the
global non-profit International Assoc. of Innovation
Professionals, can speak to what their 1500+ members
are implementing today and that will change our – and
our children’s – tomorrows. Contact Betsy Model at
(505) 466-2770, info@groupzephyr.com.

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