09/14/17 RTIR E-zine: Equifax Hack, Clinton vs Sanders, Hurricane Scams

September 14, 2017

01. Protect Yourself from the Equifax Hack
02. What Happened: Clinton Rips Sanders
03. Educators Say Politicians Should Go Back to School
04. Remembering Our KKK Past
05. Is Technology Killing Love?
06. Build Your Own Country – Seasteading
07. Are Men Brain-Damaged? Are Daughters the Antidote?
08. Hurricane Clean-Up: Water = Mold
09. Beware Hurricane Home Repair Scams
10. Could Lifestyle Habits Be Affecting Weather?
11. After DACA, He Wants to Inspire Dreamers
12. Forget Wash DC – Innovation is an Inside Job
13. Fall is Ripe for Job Hunters
14. Sept. is Ovarian Cancer Month
15. How to Survive a Mean Teacher

1. ==> Protect Yourself from the Equifax Hack

Nearly half of Americans may have had their information
stolen in the massive Equifax data breach revealed last
week. Making matters worse, the hackers have had a two-
month lead on consumers trying to protect their credit
and personal information. Invite Patricia Davis, a
former corporate finance and banking executive who
manages her own financial services firm, to share what
the hack tells us about the U.S. credit system and
eight steps your listeners can take now to protect
their credit. She’ll discuss why and how you should
lock down your credit reports, change your passwords
and more. Davis holds an MBA from Stanford, a master’s
degree in personal financial planning from Golden Gate
University and a certificate from Georgetown
University’s Stonier Graduate School of Banking and
Finance. She is the author of the upcoming book “Going
Broke Is No Joke.” Reach her at (301) 249-2261
or davisfinancial373@msn.com

2. ==> What Happened: Clinton Rips Sanders

Hillary Clinton’s new book “What Happened” includes
what a Washington Post headline calls a “subtly savage
takedown of Bernie Sanders.” Norman Solomon, a Sanders
delegate from California to the Democratic National
Convention and the nationwide coordinator of the Bernie
Delegates Network, says, “At first glance it may seem
odd that Clinton has gone out of her way to rip open
old wounds from a primary campaign that ended well over
a year ago. But there’s a kind of perverse logic at
play. Whatever aspects of score-settling or personal
anger might be involved, what’s much more significant
is the apparent political calculus.” He adds, “After
losing the presidential race, Hillary Clinton and the
big-money elites behind her are fearful that they could
lose control of the Democratic Party apparatus.
Clinton’s decision to attack Bernie Sanders via her
book is a reflection of that fear.” Solomon is a co-
founder of RootsAction.org, an online activist group
that now has 1.5 million active members. He is the
executive director of the Institute for Public
Accuracy. Contact him at solomonprogressive@gmail.com

3. ==> Educators Say Politicians Should Go Back to

As children across the country return to school,
there’s a lot on the docket in both Congress and at the
U.S. Department of Education that many educators say
threatens public education. Protesting the rhetoric and
actions coming out of Washington, and pressing instead
for research-based policies and democratic ideals, over
200 education deans last week released “Our Children
Deserve Better: A Call to Resist Washington’s Dangerous
Vision for U.S. Education.” Kathy Schultz, dean of the
School of Education at the University of Colorado,
Boulder says, “It is imperative that we change the
direction our country is going in terms of supporting
schools and school systems that serve our children
well. As a country, we have lost sight of the role of
public schools as a democratizing force in this
country. We continue to move toward privatizing K-12
education and teacher education at our peril.” Schultz
is currently completing a book on distrust and
educational change. Contact her at
Katherine.schultz@colorado.edu; @kathyschultz22

4. ==> Remembering Our KKK Past

Congress passed a resolution late Tuesday calling on
President Donald Trump to condemn “the shameful and
hate-filled acts of violence carried out by the KKK (Ku
Klux Klan), white nationalists, white supremacists and
neo-Nazis in Charlottesville.” Jane Dailey, a professor
of history at the University of Chicago, can talk about
the roots of the KKK and today’s iteration. “The post-
WWI Klan was defined by its opposition to immigration
and cultural diversity, by its insistence on
Protestant, Anglo-Saxon supremacy, and by its racism
and reactionary gender politics. The khaki-clad young
white men in Charlottesville chanting ‘blood and soil’
and ‘Jew will not replace us’ trace their ideological
roots back to the Klan of the 1920s and call to mind a
dark moment in our nation’s past. So does the
particular disaffection of many of Donald Trump’s
strongest supporters, who long to ‘make America great
again’ by constraining immigration and subordinating
Muslims, African Americans, gays, women, and
transgender persons.” Jane Dailey writes extensively
about the American South. Her books include “Before Jim
Crow,” “The Politics of Race,” and the upcoming
“Building the Republic: A Narrative History of the
United States from 1877 to the Present.” Contact her at
(773) 834-2582 (office); dailey@uchicago.edu

5. ==> Is Technology Killing Love?

According to new research from a San Diego State
University professor, people born after 1995 are much
less interested in dating than the generation before
them. Researchers also found that sexual activity in 14
and 15-year-olds has dropped by almost 40 per cent
since 1991. And the reason for all this? It appears
that people are replacing social interaction with
social media. Clinical forensic psychologist Dr. John
Huber can discuss how smart phones have impacted or
changed our ability to develop romantic relationships
and whether excessive online interactions with others
can diminish our capability to communicate face-to-
face. Dr. John Huber is Chairman for Mainstream Mental
Health and a professor of psychology at Texas State
University. Contact Ryan McCormick at (516) 901-1103;
(919) 377-1200

6. ==> Build Your Own Country – Seasteading

More and more Americans are dissatisfied with their
government. So why not innovate and create a self-
governing country that caters to your values and
lifestyle? Nearly half the earth’s surface is a blue
frontier over which no country holds sovereignty, and
startup cities that float permanently in international
waters will soon be economically feasible as
construction materials get cheaper, greener and
printable in 3D form. These will be homesteads on the
high seas — or seasteads. Invite Joe Quirk, president
of The Seasteading Institute, to talk about the idea,
who is embracing it, and why. Blue Frontiers is a for-
profit spinoff from The Seasteading Institute with
plans to provide fresh jurisdictions on floating
sustainable islands designed to adapt organically to
sea level change. These will be privately financed and
built by local maritime construction firms employing
the latest in sustainable blue tech. He says, “We’ve
already raised our seed round of investments to perform
research and secure legislation, so get ready for the
next wave of nations.” Quirk is co-author of
“Seasteading: How Floating Nations Will Restore the
Environment, Enrich the Poor, Cure the Sick, and
Liberate Humanity from Politicians.” Contact him at
press@seasteading.org or @ joequirkexults

7. ==> Are Men Brain-Damaged? Are Daughters the

Here’s a rarely-mentioned quirk about men that will
generate plenty of
response from your audience. Award-winning behavioral
expert James I. Bond says, “Everyone thinks they
understand men. But what if you missed something, so
subtle and yet so profound, it will change your
understanding of what men are REALLY like?” From
Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama to Winston
Churchill, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mark Twain to
Paul McCartney, even Supreme Court Justices and CEOs of
major corporations, the influence of daughters on men
is often more profound than most people realize. But
the real reason daughters have so much influence may
surprise you. James I. Bond is an award-winning
behavioral management specialist and author of “The
Secret Life of Fathers (2nd Edition),” an unexpected
guide to understanding men and fathers. Bond writes for
Forbes.com and appears as a frequent radio talk show
guest. Contact him at (805) 405-9899 (CA);

8. ==> Hurricane Clean-Up: Water = Mold

As clean-up continues in the south after two
devastating hurricanes, there’s an invisible threat
that residents will neither understand nor respect and
Dr. John Trowbridge says they will die … slowly.
“Here’s the simple story of the tragedy: people will be
exposed to fungal/moldy growth for weeks/months/years
in their homes and offices, they will come down with a
wide variety of illnesses and will be seen and
inadequately treated by ‘organ-specific’ doctors who
fail to understand that serious illness is taking hold
and will slowly destroy their lives.” Trowbridge has
spent his career researching and treating diseases
associated with internal infections of yeast and
fungus. He diagnoses and treats “deep blood fungus”
that appears to explain “the inexplicable diseases” —
cancers of all kinds, leukemia, low blood counts,
immune dysfunction syndromes, RA, lupus, MS, sudden
kidney failure, worsening diabetes, and many more.
Trowbridge practices in Houston and has hosted
nationally syndicated and local radio programs. He’s
the author of “The Yeast Syndrome.” Contact him at
(832) 472-3683 (cell); fixpain@earthlink.net

9. ==> Beware Hurricane Home Repair Scams

Home repair is one of the top scams in America and Bill
Francavilla says homeowners affected by Hurricane
Harvey and Irma are sitting ducks for scammers.
“Hundreds of so-called home repair experts will be
knocking on the doors of the people impacted by
offering bona fide—and bogus—offers to get their homes
back to live-able condition, and many people, including
smart ones, won’t know the difference.” Francavilla
spent 30 years in the financial services industry and
he knows exactly how the bad guys’ operate to push your
greed and fear buttons. He’ll reveal the top home
repair scams and how to protect yourself from them.
Francavilla is the author of “The Madoffs Among Us:
Make Better Financial Decisions and Protect Your
Future.” He’s a CFP and former senior vice president,
director of Wealth Management for Legg Mason who has
extensive media experience. Reach him at (757)
870-4590; wmfrancavilla@gmail.com

10. ==> Could Lifestyle Habits Be Affecting Weather?

Weather catastrophes are very unforgiving, and very
powerful, but are we hopeless in the face of these
weather disasters? Can we do anything to prevent future
incidents from occurring or at least from becoming more
frequent and more forceful? Galit Goldfarb, the founder
of The Guerrilla Diet & Lifestyle Program, says there
are! She’ll explain how human behavior is bringing on
such catastrophes and how a few simple changes to
lifestyle and eating habits can have significant
influence on the weather and our planet. Goldfarb says,
“It’s incredible how small changes can have a major
impact on the world around us. Galit Goldfarb started
The Guerrilla Diet Bootcamp in 2015 with the mission of
making education-based healing available around the
globe in an affordable, efficient and engaging way.
Today, her company helps people from all walks of life
learn and understand the best way to move towards a
healthier lifestyle not only for themselves but also
for our planet. Contact Galit Goldfarb at

11. ==> After DACA, He Wants to Inspire Dreamers

Now that the Trump administration says it will do away
with the DACA program, many immigrants who came to
American illegally with their parents are in jeopardy
of deportation—including hundreds of thousands who live
in the Houston area who are also coping with Hurricane
Harvey’s devastation. Wanny Huynh whose own parents
emigrated from Vietnam 34 years ago when he was 8,
wants to give them hope using his own life story and
the lessons he learned as fodder. He’ll tell your
listeners that when his parents attempted to flee
Vietnam for Cambodia, he and his 10-year-old brother
were separated from the family by the Khmer Rouge.
During that two-month separation, he and his brother
wandered around looking for their mother before being
taken in by a soldier whose wife treated them like
child slaves. Wanny will share his parents’ journey to
America as well as how at 32 he ended up broke and
homeless after the real estate crash before studying
other successful people and pulling himself back to
independence. Wanny’s latest book is “Hope: The Path to
Happiness, Opportunity, Prosperity and Enjoyment.”
During the month of September, he is donating all
profits from its sale to Hurricane Harvey relief
efforts. Reach him at (651) 398-4677 or

12. ==> Forget Wash DC – Innovation is an Inside Job

In a month that’s seen multiple business executives
appointed to White House advisory councils quit and
other panels – including one on manufacturing and the
creation of jobs – disbanded, is all lost on growing
our economy? No. Business leaders all over the
country are doubling down on innovative techniques to
tackle job creation, develop new products and create
new opportunities for workers and consumers all over
the country. Dr. Brett Trusko, president of Int’l
Assn. of Innovation Professionals, can give examples of
how American business are finding ways to prosper and
grow in unstable times. To schedule an interview,
contact The Zephyr Group at (505) 466-2770;

13. ==> Fall is Ripe for Job Hunters

For new college graduates looking for their first job
post-college or people already in the job market
looking to change jobs, fall represents a huge hiring
opportunity. “Anyone looking for a new job right now
needs to find their slot before the end of October when
companies start worrying about the holidays and end-of-
year budget challenges,” says Diane Huth. Invite her to
help job-seekers maximize their assets by teaching them
the secrets of personal branding as the key to
unlocking the job search market. From using social
media to writing your resume and finding the secret job
market where more than half of all jobs are found.
Diane Huth has more than 30 years of senior -level
branding and marketing experience at multinational
corporations. She is a professor of marketing and
branding and a seasoned media guest. Her new book is
“Brand You! To Land Your Dream Job: A Step-by-Step
Guide to Find a Great Job, Get Hired and Jumpstart Your
Career.” Contact her at (888) HIREME2 or

14. ==> Sept. is Ovarian Cancer Month

September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.
Each year, 14,000 American women die of ovarian cancer,
succumbing to a disease that is frequently misdiagnosed
or diagnosed too late. Having lost her mother to the
often silent disease, comedian and author Jennifer
Coken is making it her mission to teach women how to
identify its symptoms early. They include persistent
bloating; feeling full even while eating less;
persistent back and abdominal pain; unusual fatigue or
bleeding, and changes in bladder and bowel habits.
She’ll discuss how to download two free symptom
trackers that encourage women to pay attention to
symptoms that on their own might not seem troubling.
Jen Coken is a life coach and stand-up comedian. She’s
the author of “When I Die Take My Panties: Turning Your
Darkest Moments into Your Greatest Gifts.” Contact her
at (303) 859-9081; jencoken@gmail.com

15. ==> How to Survive a Mean Teacher

Teaching, according to multiple lists, is one of the
top 20 stressful jobs available and is often ranked in
the top five of the worst careers in America! The
stress of dealing with children, the constant scrutiny
of parents and administrators, and pressure for
improved scores weigh heavily on the shoulders of both
beginning and veteran teachers. For some, the result is
an attitude and teaching personality that leaves
students and their parents cold, afraid, and dreading
the year ahead. Dee Rodgers, an educational veteran of
more than 30 years, can discuss ways parents and their
children can survive the classrooms of negative
teachers. Rodgers spent 27 years in the classroom and
served another four as a campus administrator. She is
currently employed as a Special Education Teacher in
Texas and is the author of “Renew Your Teaching Spirit:
Help for Teachers Struggling to Stay in the Classroom.”
Contact her at (979) 665-7590; dee@deerodg.com

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