09/06/17 RTIR E-zine: Dreamers in America, Hurricane Aftermath, Backpack Blues

September 6, 2017

01. What Happens to the Dreamers Now?
02. After DACA, He Wants to Inspire Dreamers
03. Be Prepared for the Next Disaster
04. Nat Geo’s ‘Wicked Tuna’ Captain
05. ‘It’ – Send in the Scary Clowns
06. Hurricane Aftermath – First Water, Next Deadly Mold
07. How Your Business Can Help Harvey Victims
08. Forget Wash DC – Grow Jobs and Business from Within
09. Why they Didn’t Offer You the Job
10. Jon Runyan – NFL to Congress to Uber Driver?
11. Transgender Soldiers Can Stay… for Now
12. Kate is Preggers & Sick: Hyperemesis Gravidarum
13. Lighten Their Load – Heavy Backpacks & Low Grades
14. Waaah! The Baby Won’t Stop Crying!
15. It’s Happy Cat Month!

1. ==> What Happens to the Dreamers Now?

The Trump administration has formally announced the end
of DACA — a program that had protected nearly 800,000
young undocumented immigrants brought to the US as
children from deportation. The Department of Homeland
Security will stop processing any new applications and
rescinded the 5-year old Obama administration policy,
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. “An end to this
program now or in the next six months without a
permanent solution is an attack on families, decency
and American values,” says CASA Executive Director
Gustavo Torres. “It’s going to throw these young
people, who are working and contributing to our
society, out on the streets and into the shadows.” The
National Court Appointed Special Advocate Association
(CASA), together with its state and local member
programs, supports and promotes court-appointed
volunteer advocacy so every abused or neglected child
in the United States can be safe, have a permanent home
and the opportunity to thrive. Contact Fernanda Durand
at (240) 706-2624; FDURAND@WEARECASA.ORG

2. ==> After DACA, He Wants to Inspire Dreamers

Now that the Trump administration has announced it will
do away with the DACA program, many immigrants who came
to American illegally with their parents are in
jeopardy of deportation—including hundreds of thousands
who live in the Houston area who are also coping with
Hurricane Harvey’s devastation. Wanny Huynh whose own
parents emigrated from Vietnam 34 years ago when he was
8, wants to give them hope using his own life story and
the lessons he learned as fodder. He’ll tell your
listeners that when his parents attempted to flee
Vietnam for Cambodia, he and his 10-year-old brother
were separated from the family by the Khmer Rouge.
During that two-month separation, he and his brother
wandered around looking for their mother before being
taken in by a soldier whose wife treated them like
child slaves. Wanny will share his parents’ journey to
America as well as how at 32 he ended up broke and
homeless after the real estate crash before studying
other successful people and pulling himself back to
independence. Wanny’s latest book is “Hope: The Path to
Happiness, Opportunity, Prosperity and Enjoyment.”
During the month of September, he is donating all
profits from its sale to Hurricane Harvey relief
efforts. Reach him at (651) 398-4677 or

3. ==> Be Prepared for the Next Disaster

Are you prepared for a hurricane, a major earthquake, a
cyber-attack or a nuclear attack from North Korea?
Preparedness is more than just stocking some extra food
and water. Attacks and natural disasters can also
disrupt and destroy the systems we rely on: the power
grid, internet, cell phone service, roads and
transportation, hospitals, food supply, our homes,
cars, businesses, and more. As we have seen from the
devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey, mass
disruption lasts long after a disaster and can get
worse over time. But how can we plan for the unknown?
Robin Burk, Ph.D., MBA, offers important steps you can
take now to plan for potential attacks and disasters.
An expert on network science, was in charge of the
Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s interdependent
networks research. The DTRA is an organization tasked
with safeguarding national infrastructure against
weapons of mass destruction. Burk has been featured in
Wired, on MSNBC and on dozens of radio shows. She is
the author of the upcoming book “How to Thrive in an
Uncertain World.” Contact her at (703) 346-4448;

4. ==> Nat Geo’s ‘Wicked Tuna’ Captain

Fans of the Nat Geo show Wicked Tuna know the show is
gearing up for the finale. With just days left in the
season, it’s the closest competition in Outer Banks
history. One good fish separates the winner from the
rest of the fleet, and the standings can change with
every weigh-in. As the clock ticks down, the captains
fish harder than ever to bring in the last catches.
Captain Greg Mayer of the Fishin’ Frenzy has won the
last three seasons, can another captain defeat him and
claim the top spot? Wicked Tuna Captain Charlie Griffin
of the Reels of Fortune is available for interviews
this Friday. Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks has its season
finale on Sunday, September 17th. Contact Johanna
Ramos-Boyer at (703) 646-5137; johanna@jrbcomm.com.

5. ==> ‘It’ – Send in the Scary Clowns

Pennywise, the scary clown in the new Stephen King
movie It, is sure to bring out Coulrophobia—the fear of
clowns—in many horror fans who see the movie. In fact,
even the World Clown Association is worried about the
effect the movie may have on the clown profession.
Kalliope Barlis, an expert on releasing phobias, says
fear of clowns is more common than you’d expect and
recalls treating one woman who was so upset by a clown
sighting on the street that she abandoned her infant in
his carriage. Invite Barlis, a licensed NLP trainer and
doctor of acupuncture, on your show to talk about clown
phobia, what causes it and how it can be treated; the
same process can be used to treat other phobias too.
Barlis has appeared on CBS, NBC, Fox and SiriusXM,
among other media outlets and has helped thousands of
people conquer their phobias. She is the author of
“Phobia Relief.” Contact her at (718) 751-5105;

6. ==> Hurricane Aftermath – First Water, Next Deadly

The sun may finally be out in Houston, but there’s
still an invisible threat that residents will neither
understand nor respect and Dr. John Trowbridge says
they will die … slowly. “Here’s the simple story of the
tragedy: people will be exposed to fungal/moldy growth
for weeks/months/years in their homes and offices, they
come down with a wide variety of illnesses and will be
seen and
inadequately treated by ‘organ-specific’ doctors who
fail to understand that serious illness is taking hold
and will slowly destroy their lives.” Trowbridge has
spent his career researching and treating diseases
associated with internal infections of yeast and
fungus. He diagnoses and treats “deep blood fungus”
that appears to explain “the inexplicable diseases” —
cancers of all kinds, leukemia, low blood counts,
immune dysfunction syndromes, RA, lupus, MS, sudden
kidney failure, worsening diabetes, and many more.
Trowbridge practices in Houston and has hosted
nationally syndicated and local radio programs. He’s
the author of “The Yeast Syndrome.” Contact him at
(832) 472-3683 (cell); fixpain@earthlink.net

7. ==> How Your Business Can Help Harvey Victims

Every natural disaster leaves lasting footprints. You
can still see the water lines on surviving buildings in
New Orleans over a decade later, and now Hurricane
Harvey is recklessly disrupting lives along the Gulf of
Mexico. Ava Waits says, “It’s times like these that the
rest of the country and the world step in to help. On
top of help from individuals, it’s also an opportunity
for many businesses to provide valuable resources for
people affected by disasters.” Waits will explain how
small businesses and massive companies can best help
out during relief efforts. She’ll share how employers
can encourage their employees to get involved, and how
businesses can also inspire their customers to pitch
in. She’ll also explain why it’s important to go about
it the right way and how doing it the wrong way could
tarnish your business reputation. Waits is a speaker,
sales trainer, entrepreneurship mentor, and author of
the upcoming book, “A Woman’s Treasure: Grow a Business
Where Making Money Feels Like Bliss.” Contact her at
(206) 669-3334; Support@AvaWaits.com

8. ==> Forget Wash DC – Grow Jobs and Business from

In a month that’s seen multiple business executives
appointed to White House advisory councils quit and
other panels – including one on manufacturing and the
creation of jobs – disbanded, is all lost on growing
our economy? No. Business leaders all over the
country are doubling down on innovative techniques to
tackle job creation, develop new products and create
new opportunities for workers and consumers all over
the country. Dr. Brett Trusko, president of Int’l
Assn. of Innovation Professionals, can give examples of
how American business are finding ways to prosper and
grow in unstable times. To schedule an interview,
contact The Zephyr Group, info@groupzephyr.com, (505)

9. ==> Why they Didn’t Offer You the Job

You got the interview but never heard back? What went
wrong? Did you commit an egregious ‘verbal tweet’ or
ramble on and say too much? Did you sabotage your own
job interview? Career management expert, Mike Gellman,
says most people fail to adequately prepare and
practice ahead of time. “We are often our own worst
enemy. Naturally, we may be nervous when interviewing
and often blurt out inappropriate things in response to
a question or ramble on and on with no end in sight.”
Gellman will share four things listeners of all ages
can do to ace their interviews and help ensure they get
a job offer. Mike Gellman is a career coach, speaker,
and author of “Pipe Dreams: 7 Pipelines of Career
Success.” Contact him at (858) 692-5920 or

10. ==> Jon Runyan – NFL to Congress to Uber Driver?

Former NFLer Jon Runyan recently revealed he sometimes
drives an Uber. Surely, the football star and former
Congressman isn’t doing it for the money, but many baby
boomers ARE! It’s tough to transition jobs when you’re
older, let alone keep the one you have! Many need to
work longer to fund their retirements but are hampered
by ageism and low-ball salary offers, just for
starters. Diane Huth knows what boomers need to do to
get hired. In a potentially life-changing interview
she’ll share what to say to an interviewer who suggests
you are overqualified; how to avoid the five biggest
mistakes job-seeking boomers make so they don’t end up
working for Wal-Mart, and 12 key strategies that can
help boomers keep their current jobs or find satisfying
employment for as long as they want to work. This will
include a discussion of how to look younger without
looking silly, how to look tech savvy and why you might
need to hide photos of your grandchildren. She is the
author of the upcoming book “Re-BRAND You to Re-INVENT
Your Career,” due in the fall. Reach her at (210)
601-7852 or diane@BrandYouGuide.com

11. ==> Transgender Soldiers Can Stay… for Now

Defense Secretary James Mattis says transgender troops
can continue to serve in the military pending a study,
but President Trump’s ban is set to take effect next
March. Seth Rainess — a transgender activist — can
discuss the rollback of transgender rights occurring
under the Trump administration. Seth says, “Trump’s
directive shows his lack of care for American citizens.
His is not an evidence-based decision. Trans troops
have been in the armed forces for many years. The cost
of medical expenses for transitioning individuals pales
in comparison to what it costs to fly to Mar-a-lago for
weekends.” Seth will also point out that the best
military in the world, the Israeli Army, allows
transgender troops to openly serve. Seth’s book is
“Real Talk for Teens: Jump Start Guide to Gender
Transition and Beyond.” His mission is to alleviate the
still prevalent fears and misconceptions people have
about transgender people and he’s been featured in Time
and numerous media outlets. Reach him at (732) 620-4300
(cell); (732) 291-6090 (landline) or

12. ==> Kate is Preggers & Sick: Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Buckingham Palace has announced that Kate Middleton,
the Duchess of Cambridge, is pregnant again! It will be
the 3rd child for the royals, and as with her two
previous pregnancies, it appears Kate is suffering from
Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Invite Dr. Kathleen Fry to
explain what that is and how it differs from morning
sickness along with ways to treat both without drugs.
Frequently quoted in Self, Redbook, Ladies Home Journal
and other magazines, Dr. Kathleen Fry is a past
president of the American Holistic Medical Association
(now the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine)
and a Founding Diplomate of the American Board of
Integrative Holistic Medicine. She incorporated
homeopathy into her Ob/Gyn practice in Scottsdale,
Arizona. Now, besides writing and speaking widely about
the health benefits of homeopathy, she practices as a
homeopath in Boulder, Colorado, across the US and
globally. “What’s the Remedy for That? The Definitive
Homeopathy Guide to Mastering Everyday Self-Care
Without Drugs” is her second book. Contact her at (480)
695-1383; drkathi@drkathifry.com

13. ==> Lighten Their Load – Heavy Backpacks & Low

You may know that heavy backpacks are tough on kids’
backs, but carrying books and school supplies in a
backpack can actually lower school grades up to a full
letter grade and more by chronically reducing brain
oxygen! “School administrators inexplicably require
students to carry their textbook with their breathing
muscles,” says Bob Prichard, “not realizing that the
brain requires 10X more oxygen than any other part of
the body. The effects of daily carrying a school
backpack last far beyond school and can impair
productivity, promotions and pay raises at work.”
Prichard will explain what parents should look for in a
backpack, alternatives to backpacks, and why adults
should pay heed to what and how they’re carrying their
own backpacks and messenger bags. Prichard runs the
Somax Performance Institute where for over 40 years he
has been helping athletes improve their efficiency and
flexibility. For example, 18 Olympic athletes he worked
with have won 44 gold medals and set 11 world records.
An NBC Sports Olympics on-air analyst, he’s written for
many periodicals and his sports analysis videos have
over 5M views on YouTube. His new book is “Are You
Starving Your Brain of Oxygen?” Contact him at (415)
435-9880 (CA); bprichard@somaxsports.com

14. ==> Waaah! The Baby Won’t Stop Crying!

A screaming baby is nearly impossible to ignore whether
you are the parent or someone stuck in close proximity
like on that dreaded airplane ride or in a restaurant.
But how much do your listeners really understand about
babies who are incessant criers and their desperate
parents? You’ll find out when you have scientific
researcher Kristine Smith on your show. The author of
the upcoming book “The Essential Crying Baby Book” and
the parent of a formerly colicky baby (now a happy
grade-school kid) can touch on such topics as: Are we
too hard on parents of crying babies? What percent of
babies cry relentlessly for hours for no apparent
reason? Are there reliable shortcuts for stopping the
crying? How does parenting a fussy baby really affect
new moms and dads? What is the Purple Crying Curve?
Kristine’s topic is an important one as excessive
crying is the No. 1 reason parents take their babies to
the pediatrician in the first year and, in extreme
cases, can lead to maternal depression, developmental
delays, and Shaken Baby Syndrome. Reach her at (818)
209-0132; kristinesmith22@gmail.com

15. ==> It’s Happy Cat Month!

September is Happy (Healthy) Cat Month, a time to
celebrate the loving yet independent nature of felines
who graciously share their house with us. But did you
know that cats, in their own way, can also promote the
health of their humans? Carlyn Montes De Oca can
discuss the myriad ways cats enrich people’s lives and
why keeping our kittens and cats healthy ultimately
benefits us. For example, she’ll explain everything you
need to know about purring; did you know that a cat’s
purr can help them heal their bodies while at the same
time can calm our minds? She’ll also share how we can
learn to be more fit by emulating our cat’s behavior
(think performing stretches, eating smaller meals and
getting better sleep) and why you should be happy when
your cat walks on your computer keyboard when you are
trying to get work done. Carlyn is the author of the
award-winning “Dog As My Doctor, Cat As My Nurse: An
Animal Lover’s Guide to a Healthy, Happy and
Extraordinary Life.” She is also the founder of The
Animal-Human Health Connection, which focuses on
bringing awareness to the many powerful ways that
animals enhance human health, happiness, and longevity.
Reach her at (415) 306-1853 or

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