08/24/17 RTIR E-zine: Afghan War Strategy, Mean Men, Bad Backpacks

01. Pakistan and Trump’s War Strategy
02. The Problem with NAFTA (and How to Fix it)
03. Award-Winning Journalist James Andrew Miller
04. Mean Men: The Perversion of the Self-Made Man
05. Bow Wow! National Dog Day!
06. Nat Geo Wild’s Animal ER Doc
07. The Pipeline Fueling the Opioid Epidemic
08. Protest Safety Tips
09. Positively Orwellian: Public Schools Today
10. Backpacks Linked to Lower Grades
11. Back to School = Back to Cyber Bullying
12. A RX for Racial Healing: R-R-R
13. This Silent Epidemic is Growing
14. Travel Writer: How to Unplug and Go
15. How Yoga & Meditation Can Increase Stress

1. ==> Pakistan and Trump’s War Strategy

Donald Trump unveiled his strategy for Afghanistan this
week and many say it’s just more of the same-old, same-
old. Others, including Matthew Hoh, who resigned his
position with the State Department in Afghanistan in
protest of the escalation of the war there by the Obama
administration, says parts of the speech were
concerning. “President Trump’s words towards Pakistan
were striking, his comments on nuclear weapons, which
can be considered as a warning to the Pakistanis,
particularly alarming and jarring. It is concerning how
the Indians will take this speech, will they be
emboldened by this show of U.S. support and resolve
toward India and will dangerous circumstances between
Pakistan and India, two countries that many experts
believe most likely to engage in a nuclear conflict
become even more dangerous?” Before working in
Afghanistan, Hoh had been in Iraq with a State
Department team and with the U.S. Marines. He is now a
senior fellow with the Center for International Policy.
Contact him at matthew_hoh@riseup.net

2. ==> The Problem with NAFTA (and How to Fix it)

The United States has opened talks with Mexico and
Canada to renegotiate the North American Free Trade
Agreement. At issue is the chronic trade deficit with
Mexico, with the U.S. importing some $60 billion more
in goods from Mexico than it exports there. Those lost
dollars mean lost jobs and lower wages, says James A.
Stuber, author of the new book, “What if Things Were
Made in America Again.” Stuber says NAFTA is a problem
and only consumers can fix it. “If Nabisco and Carrier
know that American consumers won’t buy
cookies and air conditioners made in Mexico, they won’t
move their U.S.-bound production there. Through the
power of consumer choice, we can stop sending jobs
abroad, and start bringing them home.”
James A. Stuber is the founder of Made in America
Again, a movement of consumers dedicated to rebuilding
the American middle class by buying things made in
American communities. Stuber is an attorney and
entrepreneur who formerly served as legislative
assistant to a member of the United States House of
Representatives. Contact him at (610) 608-5074;

3. ==> Award-Winning Journalist James Andrew Miller

James Andrew Miller has worked in politics, media, and
entertainment. He’s written numerous books including
“Those Guys Have All the Fun, Inside the World of
ESPN”, “Live From New York, An Uncensored History of
Saturday Night Live” and “Running in Place: Inside the
Senate”. He started his career at The Washington Post,
went on to become chief speechwriter for Senate
Majority Leader Howard Baker and then worked for Norman
Lear, the USA Network, CBS News and CNN. His latest
project is the podcast Origins. The show explores how a
single thing – a TV show, album, company or event –
came to be. The first episode is about Curb Your
Enthusiasm. Miller is available for a limited number of
10-minute radio interviews on Friday, August 25th from
9:00 to 11:00am ET (6 to 8am SPT). Contact Ryan
McCormick at ryan@goldmanmccormick.com and include
several preferred time slots and your studio call in

4. ==> Mean Men: The Perversion of the Self-Made Man

Every day we see mean men demonstrate their power over
society – you report on them — from Martin Shkreli to
Travis Kalanick to Donald Trump. Why do we allow the
celebration of successes of mean men so often–from the
boardroom to basketball court and corner cubicle to
Oval Office? And what is their true impact on women and
the bottom line? Invite Mark Lipton to discuss the six
types of mean, mean men vs. mean women, and why women
stay married to controlling men. He’ll reveal the dark
truths about household names and challenges the status
quo with a more effective humanistic approach to
leadership. Mark Lipton is a graduate professor of
management at The New School in New York City. For over
forty years, he has been a trusted adviser to Fortune
500 corporations, think tanks, nonprofits,
international NGOs, and start-ups. His upcoming book is
“Mean Men.” Contact Kristi Hughes at (856)489-8654,
ext. 322; kristi@smithpublicity.com

5. ==> Bow Wow! National Dog Day!

This Saturday, Aug. 26th is National Dog Day, a day set
aside to celebrate everything wonderful about the dogs
in our lives who love us unconditionally, are so happy
to see us when we come home, protect us, make us better
people and extend our lives. National Dog Day also
reminds us that many of our wet-nosed friends are
patiently waiting in shelters for their forever homes.
Bring Carlyn Montes De Oca on your show for an
unabashed celebration of everything dog including five
ways that adopting a dog can help you live longer.
Carlyn is the author of the award-winning “Dog as My
Doctor, Cat as My Nurse: An Animal Lover’s Guide to a
Healthy, Happy and Extraordinary Life.” She is also the
founder of The Animal-Human Health Connection, which
focuses on bringing awareness to the many powerful ways
that animals enhance human health, happiness, and
longevity. Reach her at (415) 306-1853 or

6. ==> Nat Geo Wild’s Animal ER Doc

Nat Geo WILD’s series Animal ER goes behind the scenes
at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists in Houston, Texas
to follow cases on the cutting edge of veterinary care.
It’s one of the most respected — and busiest — animal
hospitals in the world, with more than 200 staff
treating over 50,000 patients a year. Invite Dr. Brian
Beale to talk about the show and the fascinating
stories behind the scenes. Dr. Beale is a partner and
orthopedic whose patients range from household pets to
exotic animals. He performs 10 to 20 surgeries a week,
hosts a weekly radio show about pet health, lectures
around the world, and is an adjunct professor at the
Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine. Season 2 of
Animal ER premieres this Saturday and takes viewers
through the Critical Care, Dermatology, Cardiology, and
Ophthalmology wings of the hospital. Contact Johanna
Ramos-Boyer at (703) 646-5137.

7. ==> The Pipeline Fueling the Opioid Epidemic

Earlier this month, President Trump declared the opioid
crisis a national emergency following the release of
the draft report of the President’s Commission on
Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis. Like
most recent reports of its kind, the emphasis is on
addiction and increasing access to substance abuse
treatment. But Cindy Perlin says the source of the
problem—the over-reliance on opioid medication to treat
pain that has turned many patients into addicts and
overdose victims—is not being addressed. A Chronic
pain expert, Perlin can discuss reforms that could help
end the opioid epidemic while also reducing the
suffering of pain patients. Cindy Perlin is a Licensed
Clinical Social Worker, certified biofeedback
practitioner, chronic pain survivor and the author of
“The Truth About Chronic Pain Treatments: The Best and
Worst Strategies for Becoming Pain Free” and the
upcoming “Pot for Pain Relief: How to Safely Use
Medical Marijuana to Feel Better.” She has been in
private practice in the Albany, NY area for over 25
years and has been a guest on numerous TV and radio
shows. Contact her at (518) 439-6431;

8. ==> Protest Safety Tips

In the current political atmosphere being caught even
in a peaceful protest may be dangerous, says Chris
Bird. The former commissioned officer in the Royal
Military Police of the British Army, former crime
reporter and author of “Surviving a Mass Killer
Rampage” says protests can quickly turn into riots as
happened recently in Charlottesville, Va. Bring Bird on
your show to outline the dangers of protests, the
importance of situational awareness and what you can do
if you find yourself caught in an unfolding riot. A
sample of his advice: ”If you see large groups of
protesters, drive off or walk off without drawing
attention to yourself. If unable to do so, head for law
enforcement officials and ask officers how to get out
of there. If you are carrying, tell them you have a gun
and a permit.” He’ll also offer advice for protest
participants: Pay attention to your surroundings. Don’t
take selfies or text. Face traffic and stay on the
sidewalk with parked cars acting as a barrier. Reach
him at (210) 308-8191 or cjbird@satx.rr.com

9. ==> Positively Orwellian: Public Schools Today

When it comes to the state of public schools, retired
elementary school principal Susan Colton says it’s
impossible to avoid comparisons to George Orwell’s
“1984.” For example, she will say, “Imagine a world
where schools are separated by the belief systems of
the families whose children attend their neighborhood
school. The students are taught only about what the
government and the parents want them to know. There may
be no science, or history or creative arts, or children
that come from foreign countries and speak languages
other than English.” She’ll explain the precedents for
these developments including current laws that could
lead to anyone in the community dictating removal of
objectionable material in the curriculum (think climate
change science) and to more schools being operated by
for-profit corporations whose standards are anything
but child-friendly. The author of the upcoming book
“Principal’s Passion: A Quest for Quality Public
Education,” Colton was principal of two elementary
schools. She was named a National Distinguished
Principal during her 22 years holding that position.
Contact her at (954) 786-8220 or scolton@bellsouth.net

10. ==> Backpacks Linked to Lower Grades

You may know that heavy backpacks are tough on kids’
backs, but carrying books and school supplies in a
backpack can actually lower school grades up to a full
letter grade and more by chronically reducing brain
oxygen! “School administrators inexplicably require
students to carry their textbook with their breathing
muscles,” says Bob Prichard, “not realizing that the
brain requires 10X more oxygen than any other part of
the body. The effects of daily carrying a school
backpack last far beyond school and can impair
productivity, promotions and pay raises at work.”
Prichard will explain what parents should look for in a
backpack, alternatives to backpacks, and why adults
should pay heed to what and how they’re carrying their
own backpacks and messenger bags. Prichard runs the
Somax Performance Institute where for over 40 years he
has been helping athletes improve their efficiency and
flexibility. For example, 18 Olympic athletes he worked
with have won 44 gold medals and set 11 world records.
An NBC Sports Olympics on-air analyst, he’s written for
many periodicals and his sports analysis videos have
over 5M views on YouTube. His new book is “Are You
Starving Your Brain of Oxygen?” Contact him at (415)
435-9880 (CA); bprichard@somaxsports.com

11. ==> Back to School = Back to Cyber Bullying

The start of school may be full of anticipation and
dread for kids heading back to the classroom. While
many are nervous about a new school year, others are
downright anxious that their summer reprieve from
bullying is over. A former bully himself, Thomas
Gagliano, says parents and schools can do more than
they think to teach people tools to combat bullying.
He’ll discuss what parents can do, the school’s role,
and signs a kid is being bullied. Tom Gagliano, MSW, is
a mentor, speaker and the author of several books
including “Don’t Put Your Crap in Your Kid’s Diaper.”
Bullied as a kid, he now helps others who suffer from
negative childhood messages. Contact him at (732)
266-4952; gags17285@aol.com

12. ==> A RX for Racial Healing: R-R-R

The United States needs to undertake R-R-R, a concept
for acceptance and cohesive living together, says
professor and author Nita Wiggins, in the wake of the
clashes between white supremacists and citizens in two
cities this week. Wiggins, who lived in both
Charlottesville, Va., and Seattle, Wash, —the sites of
the violence and at least one death— said the seeds of
the conflicts took root decades earlier but became more
venomous after the last three presidential cycles. “We
need Race Relations Reconstruction, what I call R-R-R,
to build some kind of national unity after the
elections of 2008, 2012, and 2016,” says the former
broadcast journalist. “We saw the response from the
portion of Donald Trump’s supporters who do not want a
country in which a black man did something that a white
man wanted to do but could not do. It’s a supremacy
issue.” Wiggins is a journalism professor at ESJ-Paris
(l’Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme de Paris in France).
Her upcoming book, “Civil Rights Baby: My Story of
Race, Sports, and Breaking Barriers in American
Journalism” is the story of her 20 years in American
television. Contact her at (646) 460-5430;
nitadallas@yahoo.com or @EducatingMsNita

13. ==> This Silent Epidemic is Growing

One in seven American adults, or 30 million people, are
estimated to have chronic kidney disease.
Astonishingly, 96% of those with early kidney disease
(stages 1 and 2) don’t even know they have it! With one
in three Americans at risk for this disease, it’s time
to talk about it. Michael Banks will share his own
journey through diagnosis, failure, dialysis,
transplant and recovery. You’ll also hear how his
partner Karin gave him a true gift of love when she
became his living donor. Banks is a Brit who has lived
in the US for the last 28 years. A leadership expert by
profession, he wrote “Gotta Kidney?! A Journey Through
Fear to Hope and Beyond” to turn his painful struggle
into a positive that others can benefit from. Contact
him at (415) 683-8701 (voicemail messages only);
michaelbanks7@gmail.com or skype: michael.banks25

14. ==> Travel Writer: How to Unplug and Go

Overworked, always on call, can’t escape emails or the
office? Struggling to find work-life balance or
meaning? Stanley Crossland II will help your listeners
reset and recharge. Stan, a world traveler,
entrepreneur, life change coach, travel writer and
author can give globetrotting tips on travel,
destinations, accommodations, local experiences,
customs and culture and most importantly – how they all
combine to bring a new outlook on life, meaning and
purpose. Stan encourages others to create their own
journey of healing and understanding through travel,
sharing his experiences from sauntering around numerous
countries to witnessing the magic the world has to
offer. He’ll share what we all can learn from other
cultures, customs, traditions and the profound ways
those experiences can change our perspective and
rekindle our joy for living. Contact Stan at (847)
736-4255; stantheman40@gmail.com

15. ==> How Yoga & Meditation Can Increase Stress

More people than ever are trying yoga and many aren’t
aware of the risks. Dr. Dorena Rode found out the hard
way that yoga and meditation can INCREASE stress. “Yoga
and meditation can bring up unresolved trauma. 54% of
the US population report childhood trauma, but some
people aren’t even aware they have it!” Invite Dorena
to discuss the signs of unresolved trauma that appear
in everyday life and during yoga and meditation, and
what to do when they arise during a class or practice.
Dr. Dorena Rode is an award-winning speaker, author and
life coach. She has a Ph.D. in physiology, a degree in
behavioral health counseling and over twenty years’
experience using alternative modalities to help people
and organizations get unstuck. Contact her at (415)
830-3777; dorenarode@gmail.com

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