08/15/17 RTIR E-zine: Charlottesville, Eclipse Mania, Zero Carbon

August 15, 2017

FR: Lauren Healy and Chris Morabito, Editors, Radio-TV
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[fname] Charlottesville, Eclipse Mania, Zero Carbon

01. Is Trump Responsible for Hate Climate?
02. The Alt-Right and the First Amendment
03. This is Not Charlottesville
04. An Emergency Call for Light
05. Eclipse Mania is Nothing New
06. Great Labor Day Show – Made in America
07. 70% of College Students Work
08. What to Do When the Principal Calls
09. When B-T-S Becomes Back to Emotional Eating
10. Innovative Apps to Catch Ovarian Cancer Early
11. America’s Vets Need Your Help
12. Big Tips for Small Budget Travel
13. Zero Carbon Travel: Save Money & the World
14. Do You Have the Courage to Run Away?
15. Make America Laugh Again!

1. ==> Is Trump Responsible for Hate Climate?

Richard Cohen of the Southern Poverty Law Center says
Donald Trump made a limp call for Americans to come
together, but he’s still ducking responsibility for his
role in dividing it. “He used similar words in his
victory speech in the wee hours of Nov. 9, even as
white supremacists began to celebrate. The problem is
that Trump’s words are hollow.” He adds, “From the day
he came down the escalator in the tower that bears his
name, Trump consciously poured fuel on the fire. He ran
a racist, xenophobic campaign that energized the
radical right. Trump continues to employ as his chief
strategist the former head of Breitbart News, Stephen
Bannon, who has proudly boasted that he provided ‘the
platform for the alt-right’ – a fancy term for white
supremacy in the digital age. Southern Poverty Law
Center (SPLC) is an American nonprofit legal advocacy
organization. To schedule an interview, contact the
SPLC at (334) 956-8420

2. ==> The Alt-Right and the First Amendment

Richard Spencer is one of the leading voices of the
alt-right movement in the United States. He was
scheduled to be one of the main speakers at Saturday’s
event in Charlottesville. Back in April, Geoffrey Stone
wrote an op-ed defending Spencer’s First Amendment
right to speak at Auburn University. In a Huff Post
piece, he discusses Spencer’s response to the op-ed,
why he wouldn’t invite Spencer to speak at his school,
and why, even though he finds Spencer’s views
abhorrent, if students or faculty wanted to hear what
he has to say, he would vehemently defend their right
to do so. Geoffrey R. Stone is the Edward H. Levi
Distinguished Service Professor at the University of
Chicago and the author of many books in the field of
constitutional law. Contact him at (773) 702-9494;
facultysupport@law.uchicago.edu; @stone_geoffrey

3. ==> This is Not Charlottesville

Donald Swanson is an author who lives in
Charlottesville and has written extensively about the
Confederate and other memorials there. He says, “The
racists who have begun coming to Charlottesville to
campaign for governor, garner attention, threaten
violence, engage in violence, and commit murder are
almost all from outside Charlottesville, and extremely
unwelcome here.” He adds, “Charlottesville is a
slightly left-of-center, Democratic Party area. Most
people don’t rally for good causes or against bad ones.
Most people don’t want the Lee statue taken down. (Or
at least they didn’t until it became a gathering point
for neo-Confederates.) Most people want other memorials
added to public space to diversify. And most people
don’t want white supremacists coming to town with their
hatred and their violence.” Swanson’s books include
“Killing Is Not a Way of Life.” Contact him at
david@davidswanson.org, @davidcnswanson

4. ==> An Emergency Call for Light

The events in Charlottesville leave many feeling
frightened, frustrated and wondering what they can do
to fight the hatred. Urban Shaman Donna Henes says the
answer is light. She’s organizing a gathering in
Brooklyn on Monday, taking advantage of the solar
eclipse. She says “I want to purify the tainted air
that is choking the entire world so that we may be
inspired (inspire means “to breathe in”) by a fresh
spirit of optimism and determined positive action. I do
not want to fight fire with fire, but rather surround
it with a stronger, saner, sustainable energy of
reverence for life.” She says those who can’t get to
the Grand Army Plaza Monday night can light a candle
and smudge the air with incense wherever they are.
Donna Henes is an internationally renowned urban
shaman, contemporary ceremonialist, spiritual teacher,
author, speaker and workshop leader whose joyful
celebrations of the cycles of the seasons and the
seasons of life have introduced ancient traditional
rituals and contemporary ceremonies to millions of
people since 1972. Contact her at (718) 857-1343;

5. ==> Eclipse Mania is Nothing New

David Baron is an umbraphile extraordinaire (one who
loves eclipses, often traveling to see them) and an
acclaimed science writer. Invite him to talk about
anything and everything about next Monday’s eclipse.
He’ll also share the historical aspect of eclipses and
how a similar solar eclipse 140 years ago inspired the
country like never before. You’ll hear how a young
Thomas Edison hoped to leverage the 1878 eclipse to
burnish his scientific credentials, and how Vassar
astronomer Maria Mitchell aimed to use the event to
show what women could do in science. Baron is the
author of “American Eclipse: A Nation’s Epic Race to
Catch the Shadow of the Moon and Win the Glory of the
World.” Contact Johanna Ramos-Boyer at (703) 646-5137

6. ==> Great Labor Day Show – Made in America

On September 4th, Americans will observe Labor Day, the
holiday celebrating the nation’s working men and women.
But, James Stuber says America’s leaders, and more
importantly consumers, have been undermining America’s
workers in pursuit of faulty free trade theories and
cheap foreign products. Stuber contends that the low
prices of imported products have been more than offset
by lowered American wages, job losses and resulting
social ills including drug addiction and suicide.
Invite him to discuss how consumers have the power to
solve the problem. James A. Stuber is the founder of
Made in America Again, a movement of consumers
dedicated to rebuilding the American middle class by
buying things made in American communities. Stuber is
an attorney and entrepreneur who formerly served as
legislative assistant to a member of the United States
House of Representatives. He’s the author of “What If
Things Were Made in America Again: How Consumers Can
Rebuild the Middle Class by Buying Things Made in
American Communities.” Contact him at (610) 608-5074;

7. ==> 70% of College Students Work

College is expensive and many undergrads need to work
to help cover college costs. That means juggling the
pressures of a job with academic life. How can students
strike a healthy balance? Adrian Ridner, CEO and Co-
founder of Study.com can discuss how students can take
learning outside the classroom to fit into a working
student’s busy schedule. He can also talk about how
online courses and shorter study sessions can be of
benefit, and discuss time management tactics students
can use to succeed both at school and work. Fed up with
the high cost of education, Adrian Ridner started
Study.com in 2002 with the mission of making education
affordable, effective and engaging. Today, the company
helps over 25 million students a month, from middle
school through college, with short video-based online
courses. Contact Chandni Brunamonti at

8. ==> What to Do When the Principal Calls

It’s Back to School in some parts of the country and
very nearly in others. And that means school topics are
back in the news. Why not interview retired elementary
school principal Susan Colton to prepare parents and
their children for the new school year? Colton can
discuss everything from what to do if your child’s
principal wants to see you to how to get the most out
of Back to School Night to what to expect under Betsy
DeVos and how we can reverse the corporate takeover of
public schools. The author of the upcoming book
“Principal’s Passion: A Quest for Quality Public
Education,” she was once told she would never be a
principal because she was too nice. Nevertheless,
Colton was principal of two elementary schools. She was
named a National Distinguished Principal during her 22
years holding that position. Contact her at (954)
786-8220 or scolton@bellsouth.net

9. ==> When B-T-S Becomes Back to Emotional Eating

As lazy summer gives way to back-to-school time, stress
levels rise. Families coping with new teachers, new
schools, new extracurricular activities and new
schedules are in danger of turning to old friends for
comfort: cookies, cakes, salty snacks and fast-food!
Renee Jones says, “Parents are stressed about getting
their kids settled, managing the routine and such, so
they’re likely eating to soothe themselves—and they are
harried, so the drive-through is an easy if not so
nutritious option. They may think it will be easier to
establish a nutritious lifestyle once things settle
down, and yet it’s often easier to start amidst the
transition.” Jones can talk about why back-to-School is
a better time to form new habits than New Years and
share ways to deal with stress that don’t involve food.
Renee Jones is a marriage and family counselor and the
author of “What’s Really Eating You? Overcome the
Triggers of Comfort Eating.” Contact her at (817)
938-6250; renee@packyourownbag.com

10. ==> Innovative Apps to Catch Ovarian Cancer Early

September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.
Each year, 14,000 American women die of ovarian cancer,
succumbing to a disease that is frequently misdiagnosed
or diagnosed too late. Having lost her mother to the
often silent disease, comedian and author Jennifer
Coken is making it her mission to teach women how to
identify its symptoms early. They include persistent
bloating; feeling full even while eating less;
persistent back and abdominal pain; unusual fatigue or
bleeding, and changes in bladder and bowel habits.
She’ll discuss how to download two free symptom
trackers that encourage women to pay attention to
symptoms that on their own might not seem troubling.
Jen Coken is a life coach and stand-up comedian. She’s
the author of “When I Die Take My Panties: Turning Your
Darkest Moments into Your Greatest Gifts.” Contact her
at (303) 859-9081; jencoken@gmail.com

11. ==> America’s Vets Need Your Help

Every day in the U.S. 50,000 military veterans
experience homelessness and 21 vets commit suicide.
These are men and women who have given their all for
their country and deserve a better, smoother process
when they transition from the armed forces to civilian
life. To help them (and their families) take advantage
of all the services that are available to them
interview Jennifer Hammond. She wrote “101+ Resources
for Veterans: The Ultimate Resource Guide” with
participation from the nonprofit group A Hero
Foundation. Jennifer is passionate about helping
veterans, having been adopted as a teenager by a
military family. A SiriusXM radio host, Jennifer has
brought veterans issues to light while interviewing
seven congressmen on Capitol Hill for the Veterans
Legislative Forum, the Veterans Homelessness Forum, and
the Military Family Housing Forum. She can discuss
organizations all military families should know about
and what we need to do to end homelessness among
veterans. Reach her at (202) 345-2343;

12. ==> Big Tips for Small Budget Travel

Want to know where to find the best travel deals
online? When should you book travel to get the best
price? Do you know how to capitalize if prices drop
after you book? Would you like to learn how to get the
best possible fare using Priceline’s ‘Name Your Price’
feature? Ultra-economical travel expert Russell Hannon
will explain it all. He is a former CBC Budget Travel
Columnist, has appeared at the New York Times Travel
Show, and is the author of “Stop Dreaming… Start
Traveling.” Contact him at (403) 354-0349;

13. ==> Zero Carbon Travel: Save Money & the World

Traveling light used to mean cramming clothes into a
carry-on bag to avoid baggage fees. But now, it means
something more, as Jennie Lynn will explain. She’ll
tell your listeners that more travelers are helping to
literally light the world in Third World nations while
the travelers themselves save big bucks on their travel
costs and offset their carbon emissions. As a member of
the travel website Viridian and owner of its Travel
Light franchise, Jennie Lynn can share why Viridan is
giving Expedia a run for its money by doing good works
and providing members with the lowest guaranteed public
prices on their destinations. She has saved $6,000 on
her own travel costs since December. Reach her at (508)
965-3053 or jennielynn@jennielynn.com

14. ==> Do You Have the Courage to Run Away?

Have you ever wanted to just chuck it all and run away?
Lucetta Zaytoun says it’s time to let go of what is not
serving you anymore. “If you have it’s because that
job, situation or relationship isn’t working for you.
If you do run away, it means you are actually running
back to you, and then you have the opportunity to
recreate that relationship, job or situation in a way
that does work for you.” Lucetta says, “Most people
think running away is weak and cowardly, but the truth
is it takes a lot of courage to walk away. Gather up
your bravery and give yourself permission to run. This
could be the season of a new you.” Lucetta Zaytoun is
an international speaker, coach and the founder of Your
Life in Bold, llc. She’s the author of “It’s Already
Tomorrow Here: Never Underestimate the Power of Running
Away.” Contact her at (919) 450-8944;

15. ==> Make America Laugh Again!

Tired of the reading depressing news headlines every
morning? For a funny take on the day’s news, invite
stand-up comedian Vinnie Brand to provide humorous
commentary on today’s top local and national news
headlines. Vinnie appears all over New York City
talking about the things he knows best, kids, marriage,
bills and family – the stuff your listeners are talking
about! He his wife started The Stress Factory Comedy
Club in New Jersey more than 20 years ago. Besides his
stand-up act, Vinnie’s appeared on The Rosie O’Donnell
Show, Comedy Central’s “Tough Crowd”, and at The
Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival (Best of the
Fest), The New York Comedy Festival, and the Toyota
Comedy Festival. He’s done radio on stations across the
country has starred in a commercial for Direct TV,
released a CD entitled “This is Vinnie Calling” and
done various voice overs. Contact Ryan McCormick at
(516) 901-1103

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