02/14/17 RTIR E-zine: Health Coverage, Jeff Sessions, Transgender Scouts

February 14, 2017

01. Tom Price and Your Health Coverage
02. What’s Next for NAFTA?
03. Will Jeff Sessions End Medical Marijuana?
04. How Psychometrics and Facebook Helped Trump Win
05. Time to Toss Your Toxic Valentine
06. Poopsie, Schmoopie: What Do You Call Your Lover?
07. Sexologist: Valentine’s Day Performance Anxiety
08. Amazon Kid Hit ‘Annedroid’ Creator
09. Presidents’ Day – Obama’s Legacy and Yours
10. Black History Month: Will the World Ever Be Color Blind?
11. Transgender Scouts: Victory or Mistake?
12. Pence Assembling Dream Team of Christian Right
13. Is Bad Parenting to Blame for Protests?
14. Why Winter Is the Best Time to Find Your Purpose
15. Go Ahead, take a Trip!

1. ==> Tom Price and Your Health Coverage

According to this week’s Monmouth University poll,
Americans’ biggest concern today is with their mounting
health care costs, more so than their job security,
taxes or other household bills. Dr. Carol Paris,
president of Physicians for a National Health Program,
says with Tom Price at the helm of HHS, that concern is
only going to escalate. “Price’s vision for reforming
U.S. health care would result in millions of Americans
losing existing health insurance coverage, and millions
more having to make do with bare-bones policies that
offer little to no meaningful protection.” She adds,
“If Price’s policies come to pass, the free-market
ideologues who supported them will no longer be able to
hide behind false promises like ‘universal access.’ The
results will be laid bare for everyone to see, and
elected officials will have to answer to the poor,
working-class, elderly, and chronically ill Americans
who will suffer needlessly as a result. Studies show
that about 43,000 people will die each year if such
policies are implemented.” Contact Mark Almberg at
mark@pnhp.org, @pnhp

2. ==> What’s Next for NAFTA?

We live in interesting times, as disruption is the new
normal for most businesses —from Brexit to President
Trump’s challenging the value of free trade, including
revisiting NAFTA. Will leaving or changing NAFTA really
help bring manufacturing jobs back to America? While
this sounds logical, international trade is more
complex than most people realize. Customers expect low
prices and want a huge range of products to choose
from. Can we redesign the principles of free trade and
still keep customers happy? Robert Martichenko brings a
valuable perspective as a Canadian American business
owner and leading expert on supply chain management. He
can discuss the big questions surrounding the current
discussions on trade agreements and why global supply
chains may be here to stay. Martichenko is CEO and
founder of LeanCor Supply Chain Group, an award-winning
business author, novelist and international speaker.
Contact Marcia Jones at (859) 308-8689;

3. ==> Will Jeff Sessions End Medical Marijuana?

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump said his
administration would “do” medical marijuana and let
states decide about legalization for themselves. But
newly confirmed US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has
made it clear he opposes marijuana legalization. “Good
people don’t smoke marijuana,” he’s on record saying.
So many are now wondering what Sessions will do about
marijuana policy and whether he’ll enforce federal
marijuana laws. Chronic pain expert Cindy Perlin says
many will suffer without access. “Twenty-nine states
and the District of Columbia now have medical marijuana
access and millions of chronically ill patients are
getting relief for the first time from this miracle
plant.” Perlin will discuss how medical marijuana works
and what type of conditions it treats, as well as the
current political climate and what can be done to
protect and increase access. Perlin is a licensed
social worker, certified biofeedback practitioner and
chronic pain survivor who has appeared on numerous
radio and TV programs. She’s the author of “The Truth
About Chronic Pain Treatments: The Best and Worst
Strategies for Becoming Pain Free.” Contact her at
(518) 439-6431; cperlin@nycap.rr.com

4. ==> How Psychometrics and Facebook Helped Trump Win

For a fascinating show, invite Peter Cohan to discuss
the weapon Donald Trump used to win the White House.
“It’s a psychometric model dubbed OCEAN, populated with
data from peoples’ Facebook pages, that was used to
target advertising with amazing vote-swaying power.”
He’ll share the story behind OCEAN, what the acronym
stands for, and how the Trump campaign used the highly
predictive database to target different ads to people
based on their psychometric profile. Peter Cohan has
appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America, CNN, CNBC,
PBS’s Wall $treet Week, and New England Cable News
(NECN). His latest book is “Hungry Start-up Strategy:
Creating New Ventures with Limited Resources and
Unlimited Vision.” Contact him at (508) 460-9348 (MA);
(508) 361-3805 (cell) or peter@petercohan.com

5. ==> Time to Toss Your Toxic Valentine

OK, Valentine’s Day is over and it’s time to take the
rose-colored glasses off. Invite Shannon Colleary to
share 5 red flags that signal your Valentine is toxic
for you and 4 steps for moving on and finding real
love. Did things start out great but cool once you were
hooked? Do you hang out his or her friends? Do your
friends like him/her? Shannon says there are clear
signs you should move on but many people don’t know how
to get out of a relationship. She’ll share tips and
strategies on getting out and getting on with your
life. Shannon Colleary is an actress, playwright,
screenwriter, author and love coach. Her work has been
syndicated by “O” The Oprah Magazine, The Huffington
Post, Medium, Purple Clover, London’s Daily MailOnline,
BlogHer and more, and has been featured on The Today
Show, NPR, CNN and HuffPo Live. Her new book is “She
Dated the Asshats but Married the Good Guy: How to Go
from Toxic Love to Real Love in 12 Exercises.” Contact
Erin Dean at 661-255-8283; erin@steveallenmedia.com

6. ==> Poopsie, Schmoopie: What Do You Call Your Lover?

Prepare for a fascinating and funny show on what people
from other cultures call their lovers. With Susanna
Janssen as your guest, you’ll discover a whole new
world of pet names beyond sweetheart, baby or love,
words that just might get your partner in a romantic
mood should you whisper them in his or her ear—or give
them a good laugh. Janssen, a retired college professor
and language expert, will also share the quirkiest
names she has discovered such as the Tibetan nyingdu-la
(most honored poison of my heart), Italian polpetto
(meatball) and French ma puce (my flea). In addition,
she can discuss unusual romantic customs from other
cultures. For example, the now-outlawed incendiary
custom French women used to indulge in and how Korean
women seduce their men with flowers and candy. Janssen
is a newspaper columnist and the author of
“Wordstruck!: The Fun and Fascination of Language”.
Reach her at (707) 272-1351 or sjanssen106@gmail.com

7. ==> Sexologist: Valentine’s Day Performance Anxiety

Valentine’s Day brings up thoughts of romance… and
performance anxiety! How do I please her? What would be
most romantic? What will make her happy? Performance
anxiety happens in bed too, and for women just as much
as men. Give your audience a helping hand and invite
clinical sexologist and relationship coach Dr., Claudia
Six to help your listeners—male and female—not only
navigate this tricky holiday, but come out as a true
romantic hero. She’ll explain what to do if you can’t
read your partner’s mind, and how to guarantee you’ll
make your partner happy. Listeners can also call in
with questions and share stories. Dr. Claudia Six has
an M.A. in counseling psychology and a PhD in clinical
sexology. Her book is “Erotic Integrity: How to be
True to Yourself Sexually.” Contact her at (415)
453-6218; claudia@drsix.net

8. ==> Amazon Kid Hit ‘Annedroid’ Creator

Amazon’s hit children’s series, Annedroids, tied with
Sesame Street to earn ten Daytime Emmy Award
nominations, more than any other show in 2016.
Annedroids is a live-action adventure series about a
young female genius, her human friends, and android
assistants that aims to teach kids about science and
technology. Speak with Annedroids
creator/writer/producer JJ Johnson, who received
previous Emmy nominations for Dino Dan and The Wonder
Pets, about the secret behind the show’s popularity,
the key to creating successful children’s TV
programming, and the importance of teaching science to
kids at a young age. Contact John Angelo at

9. ==> Presidents’ Day – Obama’s Legacy and Yours

Now that President Obama has left the White House,
numerous articles have been written speculating on what
his legacy will be. While it is too soon to know how
history will judge Obama’s eight years in office or
what he will do in the coming years, millions of
Americans are watching his transition to ordinary
citizen with great interest. As President’s Day
approaches, Obama’s story is sparking discussions about
what it means to make a difference and leave a legacy.
So says Robb Lucy, known as The Legacy Coach, the
author of the new book, “How Will You Be Remembered? A
Guide to Creating and Enjoying Your Legacies Now.” Lucy
learned throughout his career that “the happiest, most
fulfilled people are those who use their ‘signature
strengths’ to create legacies that connect them to
others, positively affect lives now… and will
continue to do that when they’re gone.” He’ll discuss
what it means to live your legacy and why you don’t
have to be famous to leave a legacy. An experienced
storyteller, Robb Lucy is a retired journalist, writer,
and producer. Contact him at (604) 874-7700;

10. ==> Black History Month: Will the World Ever Be
Color Blind?

The issue of skin color has plagued society for
centuries. Nowadays, it is undeniable that the same
issue persists. Invite Lupita Samuels to break the
barriers between skin colors and explain how to move
forward from this negative mind-set. Samuels will put
into perspective the misconceptions about skin color.
Using metaphors and comparison, Samuels will explain
how skin color does not dictate a person’s worth.
She’ll include several reflective exercises to help
guide listeners toward a peaceful resolution of their
issues and struggles on the matter. Lupita Samuels was
born in Costa Rica. She worked as an educator in the
New York City public school system for over twenty
years. She’s the author of the Color Blind book series
which includes her latest release, “Think Folks Are
“Too Dark?” Think Again!” Contact her at (718)
654-7010; lusamuels@hotmail.com

11. ==> Transgender Scouts: Victory or Mistake?

The Boy Scouts of America will now welcome transgender
Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts into its troops and camps.
Seth Rainess, a transgender male and author of the only
book written for transgender teens, can discuss the
historic decision, which he applauds but many
conservatives detest. Rainess can provide background on
the case that led to the decision, discuss the role New
Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination played in the
ruling, provide startling facts about what life is like
for transgender teens, and even offer advice to parents
whose children may be transgender. Rainess’ book is
“Real Talk for Teens: Jump Start Guide to Gender
Transition and Beyond.” Reach him at (732) 620-4300
(cell) or sjrainess@yahoo.com

12. ==> Pence Assembling Dream Team of Christian Right

While Donald Trump has been making news with his gaffes
and tweets, Mike Pence has been quietly assembling a
dream team of Christian Right figures for senior
administration posts. Frederick Clarkson says he’s
doing exactly what he was expected to do as head of the
presidential transition team. “Donald Trump, via his
son Donald Jr., reportedly called an aide to his first
choice for veep, Governor John Kasich of Ohio, and told
him that a president Trump would put Kasich in charge
of both foreign and domestic policy, while the
president himself would be in charge of ‘making America
great again.’ Pence hasn’t said whether he got the same
deal, but his role as chair of the transition team
suggests that he is already among the most powerful
vice presidents in American history.” Clarkson says,
“The Christian Right is now not only one of the most
powerful political movements in the country, but a
leading force in the federal government as well.”
Clarkson is Senior Fellow for Religious Liberty at
Political Research Associates, a progressive think tank
in Somerville, MA. He is the author of the report, When
Exemption is the Rule: The Religious Freedom Strategy
of the Christian Right. Contact him at

13. ==> Is Bad Parenting to Blame for Protests?

Since November 8th, millions of Americans have
participated in protests and marches in nearly every
major city in opposition to Donald Trump’s election —
or to counter-protest in defense of it. Parenting
expert Emily Slingluff isn’t surprised. Invite her to
discuss the real reason so many people feel confused,
insecure and unhappy and how that leads to lashing out
and blaming others. Slingluff says parents have more
influence than anyone in raising a kinder, happier
generation. She’ll discuss clear and easy ways to help
kids be happy with life. She says, “The formative years
of life are called formative for a reason. And the
main influence in those first years is the parent.”
Emily Slingluff is the author of several parenting
books including “Peace” and “Parenting without
Punishment.” Contact her at (757) 428-6167;

14. ==> Why Winter Is the Best Time to Find Your

Baby, it’s cold outside, at least for most of the
country. Days are shorter and people feel like
hibernating. Meanwhile, 10 million Americans are coping
with seasonal affective disorder. But Andro Donovan
says winter’s chill offers advantages too good to miss.
It is in winter, she argues, that we can slow down and
take the time to find ourselves, determine who we are
and who we want to be and put into motion short-term
goals that will warm out hearts. Invite Donovan on your
show to talk about getting the most from your next snow
day (after the snowball fight, of course), and
strategies you can use to think outside the box when
all you want to do is curl up in it with a blanket.
She’s the author of “Motivate Yourself: Get the Life
You Want, Find Purpose and Achieve Fulfilment,”
published by a subsidiary of Wiley. Donovan is a
leadership development specialist best known for her
life-changing retreats that take place around the
world. Contact her at +4407711238410;
andro@trend.co.uk; andro@androdonovan.com; Skype:

15. ==> Go Ahead, take a Trip!

Overstressed by everything that’s going on in America?
Overworked? Submerged in the winter blues? It’s time
for a vacation! The summer is still 5-months away, but
there’s no need to wait that long. Now is the time to
take a vacation or at least plan for one. And not just
any vacation: because time is our most valuable asset,
we need to use it wisely. Marco Aguilar explains how to
overcome the most frequent and challenging excuses for
not taking a vacation, including financial, airport
hassles and “it’s my job, stupid,” excuses; and shares
awesome ideas on where to go and what to do with your
precious time off. Marco Aguilar, aka The Chief
Vacation Officer®, uses his 25-year experience in the
travel industry to inspire others to claim their right
to time off and live the life-transforming potential of
travel and experiential vacations. His upcoming book is
“The Power of Vacation.” Contact him at (310) 739-4044;

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