01/05/17 RTIR E-zine: Flu Season, Real Estate Market, Rock & Roll in Russia

January 5, 2017

01. Rock, Power and Politics
02. Need Help Adjusting to a Trump Presidency?
03. Carrie Fisher – Dying On Your Own Terms
04. Let’s Talk Cannibals
05. Flu Season!
06. The Greatest Escape of the Cold War
07. Are Schools Teaching Kids to Stop Thinking?
08. The ‘Trump Effect’ on Small Business
09. Build a Nest Egg in 15 Minutes a Week
10. Real Estate, Realtors, and the New Market
11. What Now? Dealing with Uncertainty
12. More Boomers Turning to Gigs
13. Lost in the Middle Class – Making College Affordable
14. Make America Peaceful Again: Yoga
15. Rock ’n’ Roll is Alive and Kicking in Russia
1. ==> Rock, Power and Politics

A new exhibit opens in D.C. the week before Donald
Trump’s inauguration that explores the power of rock to
change attitudes about patriotism, peace, equality and
freedom. The ‘Louder Than Words: Rock, Power and
Politics’ at the Newseum features, among other things,
John Lennon’s acoustic guitar from his 1969 Montreal
and Amsterdam “Bed-Ins for Peace” with Yoko Ono, the
Fender Stratocaster Jimi Hendrix used to perform “The
Star-Spangled Banner” at Woodstock, stage costumes worn
by the Village People and original handwritten lyrics
to Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are a-Changin’,” Chuck
Berry’s “School Day,” Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the
U.S.A.” and Green Day’s “American Idiot.” “This exhibit
is a powerful testament to the role music has played in
influencing political and social change,” says the
Newseum’s Cathy Trost. The exhibit was created in
partnership with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Contact
Sonya Gavankar of the Newseum at (202) 292-6200;
sgavankar@newseum.org; or Shauna Wilson at the Rock &
Roll Hall of Fame at (216) 515-1215;

2. ==> Need Help Adjusting to a Trump Presidency?

Many Americans are deeply depressed about the election
of President Donald Trump and worried about the
country’s future. Though understandable, Devadas
Chelvam says the depression and worry makes the
situation even worse. Chelvam says people need to
choose to be happy—right now! “Find a way to love Trump
and the members of his administration unconditionally,
to visualize Americans being reconciled and the country
as peaceful and prosperous.” He says, “Depression and
worry are energy spent to create exactly what is
feared. And that is a rather risky attitude to adopt at
this juncture.” Born in Sri Lanka, Devadas Chelvam
spent nine years as a priest before embarking on a 20-
year career in child protective services in New York
City. He has master’s degrees in theology and sociology
and conducts workshops on the healing power of love.
His latest book is “From Fear to Limitless Love: Your
Path to Finding Self-Worth, Harmony and Bliss.” Contact
him at (610) 882-1032; dc@limitlesslove.net

3. ==> Carrie Fisher – Dying On Your Own Terms

Actress Carrie Fisher’s death… and then the death of
her mother just days later… shocked fans and left many
talking about the crazy circumstances. The 60-year-old
Fisher suffered cardiac arrest on a plane, was revived,
and then spent several days on life support in the ICU.
Dr. Kevin Haselhorst asks, “Did the physicians believe
Ms. Fisher was going to recover? Did she have an
advance directive? Was the force with her and did she
get what she wanted or deserved?” Invite Haselhorst to
discuss advance directives and how to make sure your
wishes surrounding your own death are followed. He
says, “The key to dying with dignity is to make your
death expected. The purpose of an advance directive is
to let family members know that you expect to die on
your own terms and at your own time.” Dr. Kevin
Haselhorst is an emergency medicine physician and the
author of “Wishes to Die for.” He offers a free PDF
download on End of Life discussions on his website.
Reach him at (480) 907-6027; khaselhorstmd@gmail.com

4. ==> Let’s Talk Cannibals

For centuries, cannibalism has been written off as a
bizarre phenomenon with little scientific significance.
But the true nature of cannibalism—the role it plays in
evolution as well as human culture—is even more
interesting (and less disturbing) than the many
misconceptions we’ve come to accept as fact. Dr. Bill
Schutt, PhD, a researcher at the American Museum of
Natural History, will discuss why some amphibians
consume their mother’s skin; why certain insects bite
the heads off their partners; why, up until the end of
the twentieth century, Europeans regularly ate human
body parts as medical curatives; and how cannibalism
might be linked to the extinction of Neanderthals. Bill
Schutt is a professor of biology at LIU Post and a
research associate in residence at the American Museum
of Natural History. His latest book is “Cannibalism: A
Perfectly Natural History.” Contact Johanna Ramos-Boyer
at (703) 646-5138; johanna@jrbcomm.com

5. ==> Flu Season!

Wintertime means colds and flu. This year’s outbreak is
predominantly type A flu. Learn healthy strategies that
can prevent most colds and flu, and minimize symptoms.
What single intervention reduced type A flu 50% in
children? (it wasn’t the vaccine!) His office approach
has been so successful he no longer utilizes flu
vaccine. Jim Roach, MD, is a leading integrative
practitioner who has appeared on numerous radio and TV
programs, is a speaker, consultant, educator,
researcher, and widely sought clinician with patients
from across the country. He is also author of “God’s
House Calls” which discusses spiritual near-death
experiences of his patients and seeks to de-stigmatize
spiritual experiences. Contact Dr. Roach at (859)
846-4453 (office); jproach@aol.com

6. ==> The Greatest Escape of the Cold War

When 84-year-old Hungarian born American Frank Iszak
was 25, he and a group of others committed the first
hijacking of an airplane, flying it to West Germany and
freedom. On July 13, 1956, he gained international
attention for his bold escape from communist-controlled
Hungary. With six co-conspirators, Iszak seized an
airliner and set a course for the West. Invite him to
share his incredible story (including a life-or-death
brawl aboard an out-of-control airplane.) While a
Hungarian court condemned the hijackers to death, in
absentia, the entire team settled in the United States.
Iszak worked as a chemist New York and San Francisco.
He now runs a yoga studio in Rancho Santa Fe, Ca and is
negotiating film rights to his book, “Freedom Fighter.”
Contact him at (619) 920-6456;

7. ==> Are Schools Teaching Kids to Stop Thinking?

School used to be a place where students learned how to
use reason and academic skills to solve problems. But
nationally recognized author Tom DeWeese says today’s
Department of Education instructs teachers not to teach
students how to think but what to think. DeWeese says
the classroom has become a place for non-stop
propaganda and behavior modification to impose a
“proper” thought process called “Globally Acceptable
Truth.” DeWeese says the result is today’s generation
of college students who live in constant fear of
microaggression and trigger warnings. Invite DeWeese to
discuss how we got here and what is required to restore
proper education in our schools. Tom DeWeese has been
featured on Fox News’ Follow the Money, Hannity and
Colmes, The Michael Reagan Talk Show and in The New
York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington
Post, and The Washington Times. He’s the author of
“Erase.” Contact him at (540) 341-8911 (VA);

8. ==> The ‘Trump Effect’ on Small Business

Every day, 86 percent of U.S. workers grudgingly wake
up, get dressed, grab some coffee, and shuffle off to a
job they can’t stand. Many do so because they feel
stuck. But they really aren’t, says Tom Scarda, a man
who made a big change in his own life 17 years ago when
he quit his decade-long job working for the New York
Subway system to buy a smoothie franchise. Scarda says
with the new Trump administration focusing on reversing
regulations on small business, it may be the perfect
time to catch the wave of economic growth with your own
franchise. Scarda will talk about the upside of the
franchise industry and how certain industries within
franchising are bracing for a catapult effect of
growth. Tom will also reveal the franchise industries
to avoid during a Trump administration. Scarda is a
dynamic speaker, entrepreneur and author of “Franchise
Savvy” and “The Magic of Choosing Uncertainty.” He’s
been featured in dozens of magazines and newspapers and
is a sought-after radio and TV guest. Contact Tom
Scarda at (516) 322-1435 (NYC); tom@tomscarda.com

9. ==> Build a Nest Egg in 15 Minutes a Week

Top stock market researcher, investor and expert Gary
Stone says everyday investors can use low-effort
strategies that take only 15 minutes a week to create
thriving stock market portfolios and comfortable
retirements while cutting loose from the financial
shackles of fee-ridden Target Date and active mutual
funds. “The primary reason people risk running out of
money in retirement is that they simply make the wrong
multi-decade investment choices for their retirement
nest egg while they are working,” Stone says. He’ll
discuss how to protect a nest egg from the next severe
bear market and why diversification is a poor risk
management strategy for multi-decade investing. Gary
Stone has helped thousands of ordinary investors with
straightforward and doable investment strategies.
Established in 1995, his company, Share Wealth Systems,
has pioneered a smarter approach to investing. Stone is
the author of “Blueprint to Wealth: Financial Freedom
in 15 Minutes A Week.” Contact him at 800-392-1257;

10. ==> Real Estate, Realtors, and the New Market

To help someone buy or sell a home, a real estate agent
needs to be 18 years old, not have a criminal
background, and pass an exam. Erik Brown says the world
of real estate is changing and you need more than a few
weeks’ training to understand what’s going on. Brown, a
realtor and entrepreneur, says, “As a nation, the US is
approaching one of the largest generational shifts in
our country. Baby boomers are aging while millennials
are growing up, and we are about to see a massive shift
in family make up, net worth, and yes, home ownership.”
Erik Brown will discuss upcoming real estate trends as
well as how to sniff out a bad agent, and what
characteristics and qualities make up a real estate
rock star. Contact Brown at (612) 408-3611;

11. ==> What Now? Dealing with Uncertainty

The one thing everyone can agree on as we start the New
Year is that the future is TBD…To Be Determined. The
question on everyone’s minds is “now what?” How can we
best navigate through these uncertain times? Brenda
Reynolds can share 5 tips for helping you take control
of a situation that feels out of your control. Whether
it’s the transition our nation faces, your own personal
transition or a change in your business world, she’ll
explain what you can do to find greater clarity and
confidence. Brenda Reynolds is a transitions expert,
consultant, speaker, and founder of BKR Consulting.
She’s worked with clients nationwide and in 2008
applied her expertise to her own challenges when the
economy took a nosedive and so did her life, leaving
her a divorced mom of two. She is author of the
upcoming book, “TBD—To Be Determined, how to Find
Clarity and Confidence in Uncertain Times.” Contact her
at (610) 639-5722; brenda@bkrconsult.com

12. ==> More Boomers Turning to Gigs

It hasn’t been easy being a working baby boomer lately.
Their jobs have been hurt by global competition,
changing business conditions and cost-cutting. Faced
with underemployment, unemployment, lower pay and job
hunting techniques that no longer work, more boomers
are turning to the gig economy, notes Spunk Burke,
author of “The GIG Solution,” which drops next year.
Spunk will explain how boomers are learning to target
prospects with problems they can solve on a project
basis. He’s a staffing veteran who provides coaching
that helps jobless boomers build rewarding and secure
gig practices. Spunk can be reached at (978) 835-8588
or fjburke2@gmail.com

13. ==> Lost in the Middle Class – Making College

College isn’t cheap. Parents send students off to learn
about the world and hope they’ll return home with a
degree and job prospects, but they’ll also likely face
a mountain of debt. No matter where you study, a
college tuition is pricey and the cost of attending
school just keeps climbing. Graduating seniors often
leave campus with staggering student loan debt. There
are grants and scholarships available, but millions of
American families don’t qualify for any financial aid.
Invite Adrian Ridner, CEO and co-founder of Study.com,
to explain secrets colleges don’t want you to know that
could save you thousands on your degree. Plus, you’ll
learn simple things you can do to reduce the cost of
college, even if you don’t qualify for financial aid.
Contact Jennifer McHam at (650) 288-2381;

14. ==> Make America Peaceful Again: Yoga

Is your audience suffering from holiday hangovers and
post-election stress disorder? Teresa Power, a leading
yoga expert, will share quick and easy yoga and
meditation tips to help your listeners reduce stress
and maximize hope. Power will discuss real-world ways
families can find inner peace in this time of outer
turmoil, from doing a few simple yoga poses to limiting
time on social media and trying a meditation app. Power
is an internationally recognized yoga expert and
bestselling author of the award-winning book series,
The ABCs of Yoga for Kids. With over 30 years of yoga
experience, she ignites a passion for health and
fitness through yoga in both adults and children. She
is also the founder of International Kids’ Yoga Day
whose mission is to raise awareness about the benefits
of yoga for children around the world. Contact her at
(310) 266-7705; teresa@abcyogaforkids.com

15. ==> Rock ’n’ Roll is Alive and Kicking in Russia

Richard Hume moved from Britain to Russia in 2004 and
discovered a vibrant rock community. In 1957, Soviet
authorities had invited Western rock and jazz musicians
to Russia as a ploy to appear open-minded. They
accidentally kick-started a cultural movement. Despite
uniquely Russian problems of government censorship and
expensive instruments, Russian youth embraced rock and
made it their own. Hume began writing articles for the
British magazine Maggie’s Blue Suede News. His new book
“Russia ’N’ Roll!” is a collection of those articles.
From memories of his own experiences at iconic British
rock concerts in the 1970s and 80s to behind the scenes
reports of Russian clubs to interviews with Russian
musicians, Hume brings the rock world vividly to life.
You might start out unaware of bands like Stressor,
Beat Devils, the Marshmallows, or Raw Cats, but by the
end, you might discover your new favorite band. Contact
Richard Hume at richardhume588@hotmail.com or 007495
3759767 (Russia).

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