Your Qualifications Aren’t What Matter Most

5 Interviewing Secrets Your Competition Doesn’t Know

Roughly 11 million Americans are unemployed and there are about 8 million fewer jobs than we need. Hundreds of applicants are going after every position you want. How can you make sure you’re the one who wins the job?

Tom Payne says the most important thing is to forget everything you think you know about interviewing because nearly all job seekers go about it all wrong, blowing it at the most basic level. For more than 10 years, people who have learned his secrets have beaten the competition… even competitors with more impressive backgrounds and qualifications.

Payne will share:

  • The No. 1 thing that influences hiring decisions.
  • The 5 biggest interviewing mistakes that nearly everyone makes.
  • Winning answers to “suicide questions” like, what are your weaknesses? (Follow Payne’s advice and they won’t remember you have any.)
  • How to be the one applicant who doesn’t botch the response to “Tell me about yourself.”
  • Style trumps substance: Why the way you tell your story is the key to making an impression and getting hired.

CREDENTIALS: Tom Payne is president of Essential Growth Solutions, a management consulting firm. He has coached thousands of people in his interviewing system through workshops, individual sessions and his own Web Talk Radio show, You’re Hired!. He is a volunteer coach for the Career Transitions Center of Chicago and the Elam Davies Social Services Center. His book is NO MEDAL FOR SECOND PLACE. Visit and

AVAILABILITY: IL, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Tom Payne, (312) 420-0730 (IL)

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