Why You Should Stop Dressing Your Age in 2014!

Should a 20-year-old dress like a 50-year-old or 70-year-old? You’d think not, right? But according to dress for success expert Bobbi Schwartz, that’s outdated thinking. She’ll explain why this is so on your show as well as share what men and women should and shouldn’t do to be deemed clever, confident, date-able and promotable in the New Year.

This highly sought-after guest will reveal:

  • Why showing too much skin is the biggest fashion mistake women of all ages make.
  • Tips for making an awesome first impression in seven seconds.
  • What men’s and women’s shoes say about them, plus which type of shoe men prefer women to wear.
  • 5 mistakes that may be holding your career back.
  • Why ladies should not bring their handbags to the boardroom.

Attention Producers:
In addition, Bobbi can also discuss how
to organize your closet for the New Year,
whether you should tell a friend or colleague
that they dress horribly and whether
dressing badly is a deal breaker for daters.

CREDENTIALS: Leading fashion stylist Bobbi Schwartz is a well-known style maven to the wealthiest men and women. She has worked with some of the world’s leading fashion houses including Ralph Lauren and Neiman Marcus. Bobbi has been an independent fashion consultant for a decade, and has amassed a global clientele.

AVAILABILITY: Dallas, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Bobbi Schwartz, (214) 505-5051 (TX); bobbi@thebobbischwartzgroup.com


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