Why You May Need to Go Into Couples Therapy with Your Smartphone:

Interview Cheeky TV Humorist Jan Marshall to Rock Your Audience!

Want to help listeners forget about holiday bills? The weather outside that’s frightful? Bungled New Year’s resolutions? while boosting ratings, laughter and buzz for your show?

START 2014 RIGHT with This Been Around the Block TV Humorist

Then Jan Marshall will have audiences laughing, calling-in, quoting what they’ve heard and recommending your show. As your guest she’ll deliver wacky advice about:

  • Our sometimes rocky love affair with technology. Should you be in couples therapy with your OWN smartphone?
  • Handling unwanted birthdays. What’s the alternative, people?
  • Dating hazards unknown in the dark ages (“pre-Internet”).
  • Keeping humor in your life, even when facing cosmic jokes like wrinkles, cancer or that uncooperative bathroom scale.
  • Being part of the Dead Comics Society (other members are her friends Phyllis Diller, Steve Allen and Jonathan Winters) although Jan’s still kickin’.

CREDENTIALS: Jan Marshall, International Humor and Healing Institute founder (1986), is an on-air humorist, international columnist, certified clinical hypnotherapist, and a cancer and brain tumor survivor. Her newest satirical survival book is DANCIN’ SCHMANCIN’ WITH THE SCARS: Finding the Humor No Matter What! (dedicated to Gabrielle Giffords). Proceeds support the American Cancer Society and American Brain Tumor Association. Jan has presented seminars nationwide, including with Jack Canfield at the National Speakers Association. She’s appeared on many shows including The Humor Place and Jan Marshall’s SHOWBIZ (she hosted), plus Mid-Morning America in L.A. and San Diego’s Jerry Bishop Show SUN UP.

AVAILABILITY: California, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Jan Marshall, (949) 701-5310 (CA); janmarsh@aol.com; www.authorjanmarshall.com

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