Why You Keep Getting in the Way of Your Own Success

How many times have you thought that you could figure out a way to be financially independent, if you could just get some relief from your day-to-day responsibilities? If you’re like most people, you’ve thought about it more than once, only to have reality come crashing down on you. But Dr. Larry Waldman says the problem most likely has less to do with your circumstances than it does with you.

Most people dream of making a fortune but, by allowing distractions to soak up their time and energy, they unwittingly sabotage their success. In his book, TOO BUSY EARNING A LIVING TO MAKE YOUR FORTUNE?, Dr. Waldman explains the psychological domains that shape your actions and prevent you from achieving financial success … and how to re-program your brain for success.

Have Dr. Waldman on your show to talk about:

  • The psychological forces that stand in the way of your financial success.
  • How to separate essential tasks from time wasters.
  • How to identify the actions that will bring the results you want.

CREDENTIALS: Larry Waldman, Ph.D., ABPP, is a licensed clinical, forensic psychologist, a certified school psychologist, and the author of several books. He has conducted a highly successful clinical practice for the past 35 years and is the past president of the Maricopa Psychological Society and a former director of psychological services for Charter Psychiatric Hospital in Glendale, AZ. He has also been an adjunct graduate professor at Northern Arizona University for the past 15 years. He speaks professionally to mental health providers, educators, attorneys, corporations, and community groups.

AVAILABILITY: Arizona, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Larry Waldman, (602) 996-8619 (AZ); larrywaldmanphd@cox.net; topphoenixpsychologist.com


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