Why We Love Dangerous Sports

In the popular movies and book series The Hunger Games, people publicly fight to the death. This is fiction of course — but what about real sports like NFL football, NASCAR, boxing and bullfighting? Would we love them as much if we knew that no one participating would ever get a concussion, side-lining injury or possibly even die before our eyes?

Discuss this seldom-talked about aspect of sports with veteran journalist and book author Hal Marcovitz or one of several other contributors to a new book about bullfighting he has edited.

Among the topics Marcovitz and his colleagues can discuss are:

  • What do death defying sports and those who participate in them have in common?
  • Heart-pounding, hoof-beating, adrenalin-pumping: Do you have to be crazy to run in front of a 1,500-pound bull?
  • Ernest Hemingway and James Michener: Why did they love bullfighting?
  • What was it like to have Papa Hemingway as your grandfather?
  • What do bullfighting and rodeos have in common?
  • Is it likely that bullfighting would ever catch on in America?

Attention Producers: Want to interview a contributor who is local to your area? Ask about who is available where you are based.

CREDENTIALS: Former newspaper reporter and award-winning columnist Hal Marcovitz has written dozens of books, mostly for the young adult market. He is editor of Olé! Capturing the Passion of Bullfighters and Aficionados in the 21st Century (4 Square Books, 2013). Among the 70 contributors to the book of essays are well-known authors John Hemingway, grandson of Ernest Hemingway; Edward Lewine, Jim Meyers and Bill Hillmann.

Check out the Web site: www.bullfightbook.com

AVAILABILITY: New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, D.C., Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego, South Florida, Montreal via telephone; Marcovitz is available last minute
CONTACT: Hal Marcovitz, (215) 997-9422 (PA); hmarcovitz@verizon.net

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