Why the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know That You’re Eating Genetically Modified Organisms

Would you eat foods that pose unpredictable or dangerous consequences to your health? Like most Americans, you probably consume them every day, completely unaware that you are eating genetically modified organisms (GMOs)—unnatural substances hidden in unlabeled packages. More than 90% of U.S. citizens want GMOs labeled, a privilege enjoyed in over 60 other countries. Who are U.S. lawmakers really serving when they block GMO food labels?

Brett Wilcox will answer this question and more as he and his cross-country champion son, David, pause while running coast to coast for a GMO-free USA. At the age of 15, David is the second youngest transcontinental runner; and he and Brett are the first dad/teen son transcontinental running team. While on the road they will shed light on the products, poisons and lies associated with GMOs and the biotech industry, such as:

  • The poisons that saturate crops, soil, feed and food.
  • The economic devastation GMOs have wreaked on farmers.
  • How a few multinational chemical companies have seized control over governments and much of the world’s food supply.
  • Loss of biodiversity and other ways GMOs impact the planet.

CREDENTIALS: Brett Wilcox is a licensed professional counselor, athlete, and public speaker. – The author of WE’RE MONSANTO: Feeding the World, Lie After Lie, Brett and his 15-year old son David began running across America starting from Huntington Beach, CA, last month. Brett’s wife and daughter are crewing for the runners. They are promoting personal and environmental health, non-patented natural seeds and a GMO-Free USA.

AVAILABILITY: On the road between L.A. and D.C., nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Brett or Kris Wilcox, (907) 752-0447 (AK); brett@runningthecountry.com; www.RunningTheCountry.com

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