Why Even Beautiful Women Hate Their Bodies

They may be the envy of women the world over, and desired by multitudes of men. But many top models, actresses and beauty queens secretly loathe their bodies, as much as average women.

Author and body acceptance coach Dr. Felicia Clark witnessed this first-hand, after spending several years as a successful full-figured model. As the advertising industry and the media have long created impossible standards for women to uphold, and shame those who aren’t a size 2, the pressure to be thin and beautiful is almost unbearable.

In fact, body shaming is big business, and has made the diet and exercise industries rich, while putting women’s health and happiness at risk. But Clark is helping women to fight back, with a program designed to teach them to love and accept themselves, just the way they are.

Your phones will light up as this guest shares:

  • Statistics that reveal that being too thin is far more dangerous to one’s health than being overweight.
  • What it was like to witness models becoming gravely ill and even dying from starvation.
  •  Why it’s bad for celebrities like Jessica Simpson to allow the media to pressure them to lose weight.
  • Ways that women the world over are dying to be beautiful … literally!

CREDENTIALS: Dr. Felicia Clark, who modeled for Jones New York, Just My Size and several private label designers, is the author of the upcoming book THE BODY SHAME GAME. She is also a former university professor and author of numerous math books.

AVAILABILITY: CO, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone

CONTACT: Felicia Clark, (310) 489-8874 (CO); felicia.clark29@yahoo.com


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