Why Common Pain Treatments Do More Harm Than Good (and What to Do Instead)

Doctor Reveals

Americans have been led to believe that you take medication when you‘re in pain. But the pain never really disappears. Medication merely temporarily blocks the pain messages going to the brain, so you erroneously think you’re recovering.

Dr. Ray Drury, one of the world’s leading experts in upper cervical care, will reveal on-air the real cause of most bodily ailments (from everyday aches to serious or chronic diseases) and:

  • Why pain is the body’s warning that there’s another problem needing attention.
  • Masking pain signals might lead you to do things you shouldn’t be doing, thus making the initial cause of your pain worse.
  • Medications fix neither discomforts nor underlying problems, and usually include troubling side effects.
  • Pain is not the result of a drug deficiency.

Plus Dr. Drury will discuss methods to correct the cause of people’s pain, rather than masking telltale symptoms. He will share “the best-kept secret in health care” for achieving greater wellness, immunity, vitality and longevity without pills or potions.

CREDENTIALS: Dr. Ray Drury is a world-renowned expert on upper cervical care, a chiropractic specialty that has helped thousands of people regain health without drugs or surgeries. He founded Upper Cervical Health Centers, Inc., with 45 offices in the U.S. and Italy. Dr. Drury is a sought-after media guest and speaker who hosts the Ask Dr. Ray weekly radio show. His acclaimed book is THE BEST KEPT SECRET IN HEALTH CARE: No Drugs or Surgeries Required.

AVAILABILITY: North Carolina, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Dr. Ray Drury, (704) 361-1680 (NC); DrRay@DrRayDrury.com; www.DrRayDrury.com


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