Why Are So Many Celebrities Overdosing – Even After Rehab?

Cory Monteith,  Lisa Robin Kelly

On Oct. 10, producers and cast members celebrated the life of Finn Hudson, the handsome—if fictional—quarterback-turned-choir-star who captured the hearts of fans of Fox’s Glee. Offscreen, Hollywood is still mourning the real-life death of the actor who played him, Cory Monteith, who died in July at the age of 31, overdosing just months after completing another course of drug rehab.

Monteith is just the tip of an iceberg that seems to be growing out of control. Lisa Robin Kelly, who starred in That ’70s Show, died in rehab just a few days later. Chris Kelly of Kriss Kross died after a heroin binge in May. Whitney Houston. Heath Ledger. Amy Winehouse. All of them graduates of a rehab program; all of them gone too soon.

Dr. Soroya Bacchus says that, while tragic, it’s not unusual for addicts to overdose after rehab. Invite her on your show for an intriguing discussion about:

  • Why rehab isn’t a cure-all for drug addicts.
  • What happens to an addict as he detoxes—and what leads to relapse and overdose.
  • Why pharmaceuticals aren’t always the best treatment —and when they should be avoided altogether.
  • Why celebrities are so susceptible to drug addiction— and why rehab often makes their problems worse.

Dr. Bacchus is available on short notice
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CREDENTIALS: Dr. Soroya Bacchus has been practicing psychiatry since 1995 and is now triple board-certified in psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine. She has been featured on Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers and has recently appeared as a guest on Good Morning America, Extra and Good Day LA.

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