Why a New Car Is a Better Investment Than Your 401(k)

Are you thinking about upping your 401(k) contribution to provide a little extra cushion for retirement? Financial expert John Jamieson says you’d be better off splurging on a new set of wheels. Sound unbelievable? Jamieson says what’s unbelievable is that Wall Street and the government knowingly promote a retirement savings model that will not work for most people.

Still skeptical? Jamieson has gone from a college dropout to the top 0.5 percent income bracket by studying the tactics of the very rich and making the financial system work for him, instead of working to support the financial system. Today, he works with investors from all over the country, helping them create tax-free generational wealth, and he can teach anyone how to do it.

Jamieson can talk to your audience about:

• Why millions of baby boomers’ retirement savings are at risk and how to protect that money.

• How to retire and stay retired.

• Why 401(k)s, IRAs, and  Social Security are government-backed scams.

• 6 financial myths that keep people broke… and keep banks, Wall St., and Uncle Sam rich.

CREDENTIALS: John Jamieson has run multiple businesses for the past 23 years, and all of them have been successful. He has been a national speaker for eight years
and has taught financial principals at workshops sponsored by Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, and Robert Allen in every major North American city. His latest book is

AVAILABILITY: Michigan, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone

CONTACT:John Jamieson, (586) 615-3510 (MI); john@perpetualfinancingsystem.com; www.perpetualfinancingsystem.com; www.theperpetualwealthsystem.com

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