Who Deserves the ‘Promised Land’ in the Middle East?

Mention the Middle East and people can’t help but think about the centuries-old conflicts that still erupt there, and to ask questions like:

  • Is the Middle East, and specifically the Jewish State of Israel, truly the promised land?
  • Who were the chosen people? And for what purpose were they named?
  • What don’t we understand about the region once known as Palestine?
  • Why do events happening in the Middle East affect everyone, and NOT because of resources like oil?
  • Can we save the world by reviewing the Old and New Testaments (particularly Revelations), the Qu’ran, and other sources both sacred and secular?
  • What might be the obstacles, and paths, to peace?

Explore these and other questions with sought-after speaker and researcher Fred Kohler Holbrook, whose book PALESTINE: The Promised Land: Whose Homeland, Arabs or Jews?, is generating controversy and debate.
Holbrook will discuss:

  • To know yourself and realize all your potential, you must know what’s going on in the Middle East. Where will you find the principles of truth?
  • How mankind’s existence is woven into whose homeland is Palestine.
  • Why we can never solve Middle Eastern issues via demographics, economics, nationalism, prejudice or vengeance.
  • Myths and truths about the complex interweaving of the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian cultures, along with vanished civilizations.

CREDENTIALS: Fred Kohler Holbrook is a health-care consultant and a knowledgeable speaker and media guest on many biblical topics, including the promised land and who belongs there.

AVAILABILITY: Utah, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Fred Kohler Holbrook, (801) 561-8588 (UT); www.BookWhirl.com (877) 207-1679; infobookwhirl@aol.com

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