What TV Design Shows Don’t Tell You

The Reveal Behind The Big Reveal

Watching rooms or houses be transformed from drab to fab is so exciting, especially when it comes time for the reveal. It’s amazing what they can do on those TV design shows with so little time and money! But how much of that gorgeous new room is really just smoke and mirrors?

Before your audience members plan their next home project, they’ll want to hear what Donna Hoffman, The Interior Design Advocate™, has to say. Taking you behind the scenes of the interior design industry, she’ll discuss what nobody really tells you on design shows, including how donated labor and products and tremendous oversimplification of the process come into play and can create some DIY and consumer confusion. A former QVC host, Donna will dispel the myths, share insider information, and help people avoid wasting big dollars when decorating their home by offering clear strategies for finding the right furnishings, professionals and services.

She’ll also share how to:

  • Buy furniture online without getting taken, and whether or not it’s better to buy in person.
  • Decorate without your spouse wanting to divorce you.
  • Fall back in love with a home you hate.
  • Stay in control and within budget—working on your own or with a designer.

CREDENTIALS: An award-winning interior designer known as The Interior Design Advocate™, Donna Hoffman was once a design client herself and is keenly aware of the stress, anxiety and frustration that clients and consumers can face. Once a top QVC on-air host, she has been featured on ABC News, Better TV and CNBC and in publications such as Real Simple and Family Circle.

AVAILABILITY: PA, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Donna Hoffman, (215) 736-8693 (PA); donna@IDHDesigns.com; www.theinteriordesignadvocate.com

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