What Do Steve Buscemi, Sly Stallone, Lady Gaga and Rachael Ray Have in Common with the Mafia?

Hey. You wanna go to L.A or Miami to see stars’ homes? Fuggedaboutit. Take a tour of Sicily – it’s a fabulous place to visit and the ancestral birthplace of some of our biggest actors, rock stars and celebrities. Including the chairman of the board, Mr. Sinatra. And while you’re there, you should visit the childhood home of Lucky Luciano . . . and the birthplace of the Sicilian Mafia . . . the original Costra Nostra.

This Expert Takes You Behind the Scenes of the Sicilian Mob’s Violent History

That’s what journalist Carl Russo did. He took pictures. Lots of pictures. And he talked to the old timers. And don’t think for a second he wasn’t followed, looked over and talked about by members of the current Sicilian Mafia. You see, although Mafia groups active in other parts of Italy have grown to eclipse Cosa Nostra, almost every Sicilian town and urban district still suffers under the influence of some local crime family.

Join Russo as he explores the mob’s history of greed, sadism and brutal assassinations, and:

  • Why we’re still fascinated with the Mafia.
  • Key differences between the American and Sicilian Mafia.
  • How a trip to Sicily can help rub out the mob.

CREDENTIALS:  Carl Russo went to Sicily for the first time in 1999 and has returned six times since. His MafiaExposed.com blog formed the basis for his book, THE SICILIAN MAFIA: A True Crime Travel Guide.

AVAILABILITY:  CA, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Carl Russo, Carl@MafiaExposed.com

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