What Bestselling Authors Know About Writing a Book That You Don’t

Most of your listeners dream about writing a book one day and those that don’t are curious about how bestsellers are created and how the publishing industry is changing. World-renowned publishing expert Stephanie J. Hale will share with your audience what she learned when she interviewed 12 of the world’s most famous living authors who have collectively sold over 800 million books.
The author of CELEBRITY AUTHORS’ SECRETS: How to Turn Your Book Into An International Bestseller, will reveal:

  • How well-known authors such as Eric Carle, Anne Rice, James Redfield and Jeffrey Archer find inspiration, plot their books and choose their titles.
  • Why many authors are giving up traditional book launches and signings in favor of tweeting, blogging and Facebook posts.
  • The years of rejection and self-doubt that come before fame. For example, 10 publishers rejected John Gray’s book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, because they hated the title.
  • Tricks authors are using to combat readers’ shrinking attention spans.

Attention Producers: Other authors featured in Celebrity Authors’ Secrets are Barbara Taylor Bradford, Terry Pratchett, Bernard Cornwell, Sharon Lechter, Alexander McCall Smith, Joanne Harris and Brian Tracey.

CREDENTIALS: Stephanie J. Hale is a world-renowned publishing expert who works with iconic authors who sell millions of books, celebrity authors, and writers with big Hollywood film deals. She spent 15 years as a newsreader and journalist for the BBC, IRN and Sky Digital. She’s a former professor at Oxford and an award-winning author herself.

AVAILABILITY: Nationwide in the U.S. by telephone
CONTACT: Stephanie Hale, oxfordwriters@me.com; Skype: stephaniejhale


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