This Top Exec Helps People Discover The Reason They Were Born 

It’s not hard to imagine happy, successful people who feel unfulfilled or are at a crossroads in their life looking for a new direction. Perhaps that’s why one of the most searched for phrases on Google each month is ‘the meaning and purpose of life.’

Fortune 100 exec Jim McComb was one of those people. And then he died on an operating table. After waking up in Heaven he met Jesus Christ–and through His eyes-–was shown that each of us has a unique purpose in life, created for us before we were ever born. And while each us has an intrinsic talent that rolls out of the womb with us, most of us fail to recognize it or develop it, if ever. McComb was also shown that his life’s purpose was to help others discover their own unique destiny and how to fulfill it during their lifetime.

On your show McComb will help your audience discover their own Personal Destiny, as he shares:

  • What he heard, saw and learned in Heaven.
  • Why, he says, most of world’s problems exist.
  • How he defines ‘Life’s Most Incredible Odyssey.’

CREDENTIALS: Jim McComb is the author of five business books. His newest book, UNDISCOVERED HORIZONS, tells the story of what he saw and learned in Heaven. He has been seen and heard on numerous radio and television programs, including The Hour of Power.

AVAILABILITY: CA, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: James McComb, (909) 374-4738 (CA);


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