This Guest Says Men Have More Sex When Their Women Make More Money

You’ve heard the statistic: A woman makes 76.5 cents for every dollar a man makes. A lot of men might not be bothered by this – after all, they’re the ones landing more clients, sealing more deals and working more hours, right?

Well, what if financial expert and best-selling author Margie Baldock told you that when women make more money, men have more sex? It’s true – studies have shown that when the female half of a couple is financially equal to her partner, that couple has a more active sex life – and their risk of divorce drops in half!

Invite Margie on your show to learn:

  • How encouraging wage equity can help your love story have a ‘happy ending.’
  • Why it’s never been easier for women to escape wage discrimination and become millionaires.
  • Why money and sex are ‘bed buddies’ and how developing a strong financial drive positively affects a woman’s sex drive.
  • Why the world is struggling under a ‘prostitute archetype’ and needs MORE female millionaires to liberate men AND women.

CREDENTIALS: Margie Baldock is an entrepreneur, property developer, financial commentator and mother. She is the author of the Amazon best-seller THE MOTHER LODE MANIFESTO: How to Conceive a Fortune and Give Birth to Your Wildest Dreams, which provides a step-by-step master plan for women hoping to achieve financial independence while transforming the destructive path our world is on. She was a financial expert on Australia’s ABC Radio, and currently hosts a video blog about property development for Australia’s leading property investment magazine.

AVAILABILITY: Nationwide by arrangement, via telephone and via Skype

CONTACT: Margie Baldock, (877) 550-8714;; margie_baldock (Skype);

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