This Guest Says Depression Transformed Her Life 

50 Shades of Black

Ann Keiffer had it all: an exciting career, an adoring family, and a circle of close friends. She’ll share the gripping story of how her world changed after a harrowing descent into the black abyss of clinical depression—and why she now views it as a blessing. Your audience will learn that life-transforming possibilities can sometimes be hidden in the most dark and dangerous passages in our lives.

CREDENTIALS: Ordained as an interfaith minister of the arts, Ann Keiffer is the author of essays, poetry and books that reflect on the spiritual journey that is life, including BLEST BY THE DARK ANGEL: Healed and Transformed Through Depression.

AVAILABILITY: CA, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Ann Keiffer, (925) 295-0226 (CA);


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