This Guest Says Anti-Aging Is a Myth!

(And There Is No Such Thing As an Anti-Aging Product That Works!)

STOP! Put down that tub of anti-aging cream. Step away from the under-eye wrinkle smoother, the night serums and chemical peels! There is no “fountain of youth” that turns a 50-year-old into a 30-year-old. You WILL age. But although you can’t reverse the hands of time, you CAN reverse the effects!

Fascinating speaker and author Beverly Nadler says it’s energy and vibrations-–physical, mental, emotional and spiritual-–that slow down and even reverse the effects of time and aging. She can explain to you–-and with an exciting on-air demonstration, SHOW you-–the amazing effects of your energy and vibrations. Invite her on your show to learn:

  • What “vibrational harmony” IS – and how it can improve your life.
  • Why ALL anti-aging products are useless, unless you know how to do ONE thing.
  • How Beverly healed herself of stage IV cancer 20 years ago-–and how you can use her methods to enhance your health, appearance and more!

“We offer the viewer an opportunity to journey through the expanses of body, mind and spirit. Beverly Nadler is one of the few who captures this feeling and actually lives it. Her presence is dynamic.”-Robert Hollis, producer, Healing Alternatives

CREDENTIALS: Beverly Nadler, CH, CMT, is a compelling and inspiring speaker, trainer, consultant, coach, media personality and award-winning author. She brings new perspectives and insights to topics related to holistic health and healing and personal and spiritual growth. She is the author of VIBRATIONAL HARMONY: The REAL Secret of Success, Health and Happiness.

AVAILABILITY: Nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Beverly Nadler, (203) 373-1943 (CT);;

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