The New Year’s Resolution Parents Should Make

Wish Your Kids Loved School?

Want to make a New Year’s resolution that’s worth keeping? Resolve to become more involved in your child’s education. The school year may be nearing its midpoint, but it’s never too late to show your kids that school is important. Author and educator Delane Pennington has taught students from all walks of life, and she says the single biggest factor in school achievement is parental involvement. That doesn’t mean doing your kids’ work for them, it means showing them that their work matters.

Just like their parents, kids are “working” all day. Want to motivate your kids to study? Delane says the key is to teach them how to take ownership of their school work. She says showing interest in what your children do, listening to them talk about their day, and taking the time to look at the work they bring home validates what they do at school and, more importantly, validates who they are.

Have Delane on your show to talk about:

  • The most important New Year’s resolution you can make this year.
  • How instilling a sense of value and importance about schoolwork will improve your children’s confidence and help them become lifelong learners.
  • How to effectively help with homework.
  • Why parents who aren’t interested in school have kids who aren’t interested in school.

CREDENTIALS: Delane Pennington is a former teacher. Her book NOW I AM IN KINDERGARTEN is an interactive tool that parents and kids can use together to highlight milestones during the school year.

AVAILABILITY: Nevada, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Delane Pennington, (775) 230-0916 (NV);


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