The Biggest Surprises That Still Lay Ahead for Those Who Need to Sign Up for ObamaCare

The Clock Is Ticking

The March 31 deadline is coming up fast yet many Americans have yet to sign up for the mandated health care coverage required under the Affordable Care Act. And, believe it or not, many people remain unaware of the penalties they will face for not doing so.

Whether they are procrastinators, in denial or merely confused, countless audience members need the advice of attorney, personal finance writer and Affordable Care Act expert Don Silver, who will deliver straightforward answers to their questions without political bias.

Addressing a topic that could not be more timely or valuable, Silver will discuss:

  • Scams to watch out for.
  • Penalties and subsidies: who is likely to benefit or get hurt by them.
  • Selecting the right health plan for you pocketbook, your doctor and your prescription needs.
  • Tips for saving big money … and avoiding financial ruin.
  • Surprises in the law and how they could affect you.

Attention Producers: 

Few experts put in the time to have the breadth of understanding that Silver has for this new law.

CREDENTIALS: Attorney, personal finance writer and health-care law expert Don Silver’s new book is THE BEST OBAMACARE GUIDE. Known for his ability to express complex issues in simplified terms, Silver has extensive media experience and is one of the most dependable guests you will ever book.

AVAILABILITY: CA, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone; sometimes available last minute
CONTACT: Sue Ann Bacon, Marketing Director, Adams-Hall Publishing, (800) 888-4452;

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