The Biggest Mistake Women Make with Men

America’s No. 1 Love and Marriage Experts Reveal

More than America’s No. 1 Love and Marriage Experts, Drs. Elizabeth and Charles Schmitz have been researching what makes marriages successful for over 30 years. During that time they have also discovered where women often go wrong in choosing a husband – by selecting a man they think they can change or “fix.”

In their brand new book, HOW TO MARRY THE RIGHT GUY, released in early January, they say women (and men) should only marry someone they can live with just the way they are because trying to change someone is futile.

Invite these popular and media savvy experts on-air to discuss:

  • 33 indicators they have discovered that demonstrate that someone is good marriage material.
  • Their “Marry the Right Man Quiz.”
  • 5 things a woman should never say to her man.
  • Why actions speak louder than words and how to tell if a prospective spouse really means what he or she says.

CREDENTIALS: In addition to being America’s No. 1 Love and Marriage Experts and an Internet sensation, the Drs. Schmitz are the authors of the new book, How to Marry the Right Guy, as well as the best-selling, multiple award-winning book, Building A Love That Lasts: The 7 Surprising Secrets of a Successful Marriage, and Golden Anniversaries. They have appeared on ABC, NBC, FOX, NPR, WGN, CBS and radio stations worldwide. Their work is also featured on and

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