Talk to the Psychologist Who Taught a Turtle to Do Dog Tricks to Help KidsSeen On Today, Inside Edition, Ellen

Seen On Today, Inside Edition, Ellen

Ever hear of a therapy turtle? Psychologist and author Mitch Spero has one named Florida that he trained to roll over, chase his tail, heel, and even give a high five on command – all in the name of showing youngsters they can come out of their shells too, just like the turtle did.
CREDENTIALS: Licensed child and family psychologist Dr. Mitch Spero is the author of FLORIDA THE TURTLE WHO THINKS HE’S A DOG FINDS HIS FEELINGS, a book that features Spero’s real-life turtle as the central character learning how to understand and express his feelings.
AVAILABILITY: FL, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Dr. Mitch Spero, (954) 401-0126;

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