Take Listeners Behind the Pages of the Dark Street Series

How Do You Invent a Compelling Fantasy World?

There’s a new wizard in town and she’s poised to fill the literary void left by Harry Potter, Ron, and Hermione.  Named Oona Crate, she’s the star of the Wizard of Dark Street book series, and exists somewhere between the worlds of Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter, with magic and mystery throughout.

Created by film and television composer Shawn Thomas Odyssey, the series is targeted at middle grade readers, though Odyssey is confident Oona and her friends will find an audience as broad as Harry Potter’s.   Odyssey says kids connect strongly with Oona because she’s a 12-yearold wizard who mistrusts magic, feels guilt over the deaths of her mother and sister and is more at home solving crimes than waving  a wand. Like most kids that age, she’s searching for balance between following her instincts and logic, and trying to discover who she is.

Invite Odyssey on air to share:

  • The need for strong female role models in entertainment.
  • What parents can learn from the Dark Street series.
  • Why fantasy books are so compelling for young audiences.
  • How he brings the books to life in schools through music.
  • How to secure an agent and traditional publisher.

CREDENTIALS: Shawn Thomas Odyssey is the composer behind HBO’s Deadwood series, and an Edgar Award- and Agatha Award-nominee for THE WIZARD  OF DARK STREET. THE MAGICIAN’S TOWER is the second book in his trilogy.

AVAILABILITY: CA, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone

CONTACT: Shawn Thomas Odyssey, (805) 570-4816 (CA); email@shawnthomasodyssey; www.shawnthomasodyssey.com

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