Survival Doc – Danger Lingers After the Storm

At last count more than 6 million electric customers
were without power in Florida and some places won’t
have electricity for weeks. Meantime, Hurricane Irma
continued to pound southern eastern coast Monday. Dr.
James Hubbard, aka The Survival Doctor, will share tips
on how to deal with an extended power outage and ways
to treat wounds and injuries when a doctor is out of
reach. He says even though a storm has passed, the
dangers linger. “Clean water is a huge concern. Even
though the water may look clean, it’s a cesspool of
germs and chemicals that can cause anything from a rash
to an infection—on the skin or internally.
Electrocution is a danger whenever there’s flooding,
and then there’s the issue of mosquitoes.” Dr. Hubbard
is a long-time family physician and survival medicine
expert. He shares his common-sense health advice on
dozens of radio shows, podcasts and blogs nationwide,
teaches easy-to-follow, makeshift ways to survive
disasters and in the wild, and is the author of several
books including “The Survival Doctor’s Complete
Handbook: What to Do When Help Is NOT on the Way.”
Contact him at (662) 638-3821;

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