Should You Ever Wing a Job Interview?

Savvy job hunters know it’s important to be confident when interviewing for a job. But is it ever wise to be so confident in yourself that you actually wing the interview?

If you want managers to think you aren’t that interested in the position or are the type of person who doesn’t complete adequate research or analysis for projects, then go right ahead, says career coach Lisa Quast. She’ll explain why preparation and fully understanding job requirements is a big deal if you want to position yourself as the candidate who should be hired. Lisa will also discuss the importance of personal branding and how it can help set you apart from other potential employees.

She’ll share:

  • 6 actions to take before even applying for a position.
  • How to watch managers during interviews for important cues to help you gauge how you are doing.
  • The 7 biggest nonverbal mistakes job hunters make when interviewing.
  • What items to bring on a job interview.
  • Different ways to present yourself for either a “cultural fit” or “functional fit” interview.

CREDENTIALS: As a career coach, business consultant and former Fortune 500 executive, Lisa Quast has “been there, done that.” With more than 20 years of experience climbing the corporate ladder she’s sharing the career advice you need to excel and stand out in your profession. She’s authored the recent award-winning book, YOUR CAREER, YOUR WAY, is a blogger for Forbes and The Seattle Times, and is a frequently sought after career expert for top Web sites including MSN Careers, and CBS Money Watch.

AVAILABILITY: WA, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Lisa Quast, (425) 205-1929 (WA);

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