Retired Professor Gets Your Listeners Talking About Race and Identity

What role does race play in how we think of ourselves and of others? The truth is we do not yet live in a post-racial society; race continues to matter – even as our world melds into a more multiracial, tolerant place.

Explore this hot topic with Catana Tully, a retired professor of ethnic studies with an interesting life story of her own that will inform the discussion.

Tully, who taught at SUNY Empire State College, will inspire your audience to think deeply about race and identity.

On-air, she’ll discuss:

  • What she had to learn as a black after being raised as a privileged white in an all-white society by adoptive parents in Guatemala.
  • The discomfort she felt when she came to America in the mid-1970s, facing discrimination from whites and distrusting the African Americans she met.
  • Her experiences as a black woman married to a white man and raising a multiracial child before this was common.
  • The importance of sharing your children’s racial history with them – particularly in the case of interracial adoption.

“In engaging, elegant prose, this memoir unveils the blessings and pitfalls of growing up among an ethnicity and a culture different from one’s own.”PW Select review, Publishers Weekly

CREDENTIALS: Former actress, model and college professor Catana Tully was born to impoverished black parents in Guatemala and adopted by an upper class white German family there who ignored her racial identity. She is the author of SPLIT AT THE ROOT: A Memoir of Love and Lost Identity.

AVAILABILITY: Arizona, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone; available last minute

CONTACT: Catana Tully, (928) 284-9477 (AZ);

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