Problem Solving Won’t Solve Your Problems

Stop Before It’s Too Late! Solving a problem is usually the first step in any corporate effort to improve an organization’s inner workings, but there’s a significant drawback to that approach, says management expert Doug Krug, it’s dead wrong! Companies bring in problem solvers to train their workforce, but the “expert” is only teaching what […]

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Branson … Buffett … Bloomberg: Why They’re Successful While Other People Just as Smart, Aren’t

They’re synonymous with power and achievement. But high-profile leaders in the corporate world, finance and politics — like Buffett, Branson, Bloomberg and others we hear about every day — are not necessarily the smartest at what they do. So what makes them different? What vaults them to such amazing stratospheres of success? Find out when […]

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Former Priest Reveals the Church’s Power-Mad Underbelly That Continues to Drive Parishioners Away

For Tom Kane becoming a priest was the realization of lifelong goal. Staying one was another matter. For 10 years he struggled with the authoritarian, man-made laws and pronouncements of an impersonal Church leadership remote from the plight of the people. Kane realized that those power-hungry leaders had only one aim in mind – the preservation […]

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