Over 70% of Doctor Visits Are Unnecessary

How to Know if You Need to Go

Everybody feels sick once in a while, but when should you go see a doctor about it? Less than you think, says Michel Scavuzzo. Scavuzzo, the president of MedicalSmartCareNow, says 70 percent of doctor visits and up to 50 percent of emergency room visits are completely unnecessary! But how can you tell if you’re one of the 70 percent? If you have a medical supplement that includes phone consultations, you can talk to a doctor in your own living room, rather than whiling away the hours in a cramped waiting room with a bunch of other sick people, when you really don’t need to.

With high deductible insurance plans becoming prevalent, a visit to the doctor can be costly. The right supplement can help you get the most out of your health-care dollars; saving just one visit a year can save some serious money. Scavuzzo says he can help drastically reduce the cost of medical care, by providing timely information to patients that will help them effectively deal with their medical issues, before they become big, expensive problems.

Have Scavuzzo on your show to talk about:

  • Why most doctor and emergency room visits are unnecessary.
  • How doctor consultations can actually reduce sick time—and the lost productivity that comes with it—by 70 percent.
  • How consumers can have more health-care choices, not less.
  • Why more health-care providers will soon be emulating his model.

CREDENTIALS: Michel Scavuzzo is the president of MedicalSmartCareNow. He has worked in the health-care industry for 5 years.

AVAILABILITY: Michel Scavuzzo, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Michel Scavuzzo, (816) 590-1113 (TX); michel.scavuzzo@yahoo.com; MedicalSmartCareNow.com

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