Nat Geo – Hell on Earth: Syria and the Rise of ISIS

Sebastian Junger’s new documentary on Syria, ‘Hell on
Earth: The Fall of Syria and the Rise of ISIS,’ got
rave reviews at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this
month and will make its TV debut on Nat Geo on June
11th. ‘Hell on Earth’ chronicles Syria’s descent into
the unbridled chaos that allowed the rise of ISIS.
Filmmakers Sebastian Junger and Nick Quested (he was on
the ground in Syria and did all of the filming. He was
also arrested by Iraqi police.) Both filmmakers have
won numerous awards for their documentary work. Quested
is also an award-winning music video director who has
worked with such artists as Dr. Dre, Nas, Puffy, Sting,
Master P, Cash Money and Trick Daddy. Contact Johanna
Ramos-Boyer at (703) 646-5137;

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