Meet the Former Major League All Star Who Coached John Elway, Charlie Sheen, and John Cusack

Most people would think it’s pretty cool to have been a big league baseball player, but being a ballplayer AND an advisor for one of the best baseball movies ever seems downright unfair. Ken Berry has had the good fortune to do both, and he’s got plenty of stories to share about those, and other, experiences.

After a career spent playing with and against some of the biggest names in baseball history, Berry managed players such as Frank Thomas and Robin Ventura in class AA. He also managed a young prospect named John Elway, who ended up choosing football over baseball. Along the way, he was the technical advisor for John Sayles’ movie Eight Men Out, working with actors such as Charlie Sheen and John Cusack in their baseball scenes.

Have Ken on your show to talk about:

  • How he’s the only outfielder to make a putout at all three bases.
  • How he hit .750 against Nolan Ryan.
  • What type of baseball player John Elway would have been.
  • Which actors actually had some baseball ability.
  • How he began writing children’s stories.

Attention Producers: Great call-in guest anytime of the year!

CREDENTIALS: Ken Berry was an outfielder for 14 seasons in the major leagues. He led the American League in fielding percentage in 1969, 1971, 1972, and 1973; won two Gold Gloves; and was picked for the 1967 American League All-Star team. He then spent 26 years coaching and managing in the minor leagues. He got into writing children’s books when his wife, an English teacher, “made the mistake” of telling him that the first one wasn’t half bad. Thousands of Ken’s books have been donated to more than 20 children’s charities.

AVAILABILITY: Kansas, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Ken Berry, (785) 633-6837 cell or (785) 271-1264 home (KS);;


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