Little League: The Truth Behind the Scenes

Spring means baseball! And while Major Leaguers are
getting all the press, Little Leaguers are on the field
as well, and some of the parents are a little too
invested in the games – both on the field and off.
Baseball can be great, like tossing the ball with your
kid, but between practices and games, the entire family
is involved in the season. It can disrupt households,
school schedules and even marriages! Just ask your
listeners! Invite Richard Fellinger to share the
secrets to succeeding and maintaining your sanity in
the cutthroat world of Little League baseball. Richard
is a former journalist and a retired Little League
coach. He’s written for numerous publications and
teaches writing at Elizabethtown College. His latest
book is “Made to Break Your Heart.” Contact him at
(717) 884-3104 (cell);

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