Leading Expert Reveals How the Government Makes the Prescription Drug Abuse Problem Worse

There is a huge problem with prescription drugs in America—but it’s not the one you think. More than one-third of Americans suffer from chronic pain, but due to entirely arbitrary restrictions, millions of Americans are unable to obtain medicines they need, and are forced to live in constant, often excruciating pain.

Medical expert Mark J. Estren, Ph.D., debunks the myth that prescription drug abuse is a huge problem, and reveals how Congress and the DEA have dismissed the millions of people living in pain as “collateral damage.”

Dr. Estren unveils how the DEA mislabels non-harmful drugs as dangerous, while raising the timely question of whether government is equipped to fix the problems with healthcare. An informed and passionate guest, Dr. Estren will offer reassurance to victimized patients, while motivating them to reclaim control of their bodies and lives.

On your show Dr. Estren will:

  • Reveal whether the Affordable Care Act will help the health-care system.
  • Explain why the government would label you a drug abuser if you use pain pills saved from your root canal for other pain.
  • Reveal crucial signs your loved one may be addicted to prescription drugs—and what you can do.
  • Quiz audiences and give away copies of his book as prizes.

CREDENTIALS: Mark Estren, Ph.D., holds doctorates in psychology and English. He is a former producer of the CBS radio show Report on Medicine. His latest book is PRESCRIPTION DRUG ABUSE. His website is www.markjestren.com.

AVAILABILITY: FL, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone

CONTACT: Mark Estren, infodad@gmail.com

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