Is Your Grad Ready for College?

Did you know, that according to HigherEducation.Org,
over 60% of college bound students need some level of
remediation courses? These courses cost extra money
that you probably didn’t take into account when
estimating tuition costs, and the courses will delay a
timely, 4-year graduation time. Adrian Ridner, CEO and
co-founder of, has some sure-fire ways you
can get your child college ready, ensure they don’t
spend thousands more on remedial courses, and help them
to graduate on time! Fed up with the high cost of
education, Adrian started in 2002 with the
mission of making education accessible. Today the
company helps over 25 million students a month, from
middle school through college, with short video-based
online courses. Contact Krystal Alvarez at (510)

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