Interview These Experts on BREAKING BAD LUCK

Having a streak of lousy luck lately? Perhaps concerning finances? Friendships? Health? Romance? Work? Weight? Do you fear that your unluckiness (and resulting anxiety) might rub off onto your kids?

Discover positives about “bad” luck, and how to turn things around to actually change the energy of your luck, when you interview certified cognitive therapist Yasmin Headley and feng shui/reiki counselor Deborah Shahrum. The sisters will fascinate and educate audiences by discussing:

  • Feng shui, reiki, kinesiology, meditation, stress reduction techniques, and principles of Chinese astrology — especially helping Westerners achieve life balance and overall well-being.
  • It’s never too late (or too early) in life to become a good luck magnet, for reachable goals and outcomes.
  • While nobody’s immune to negative experiences, every bad luck episode should be considered an alert to make changes in your attitude, surroundings and behavior.

Ask Yaz and Deborah about:

Their use of the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) camera for energy field analysis. They work with the GDV camera to help clients balance their energies, in the feng shui of homes and personal space. The GDV camera is an advanced instrument that has been used in Russia to assess Olympic athletes.

CREDENTIALS: Researchers and sought-after international media guests Yaz Headley and Deborah Shahrum are sisters who offer counseling internationally using Gas Discharge Visualization and other modalities. Their new book is BREAKING BAD LUCK. Yaz and Deborah can be interviewed separately or as a team.

AVAILABILITY: Nationwide by arrangement and via telephone or Skype
CONTACT: Yaz Headley, via Skype; email or; www.YourHappiness.Com

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